Friday, January 27, 2017

The Boss of Me (1Night Stand) by Merryn Dexter

Dear Madame Evangeline…
Lou Jones loves her job, but she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for her boss, Daniel Smith. She contacts the 1Night Stand dating service hoping a little fantasy role play will help her get over her crush.
I want to see you in my office…
Daniel can’t believe his eyes, or his luck, when a misplaced letter gives him a shocking insight into the erotic thoughts of his personal assistant. The chance to satisfy her fantasies and make his own dreams come true is too tempting to resist.
This is fantasy, nothing more…
As they explore their every desire, Lou and Daniel find keeping reality at bay is harder than they thought. Will their 1Night Stand deliver the satisfaction Madame Eve prides herself upon, or are they just too close for comfort?

My review:
Scorching hot boss fantasy. Merryn Dexter takes us on a scintillating romp where the PA is crushing hard on her boss and finally asks the mysterious Madame Eve to help her live out her fantasies. When her request accidentally crosses her bosses desk he convinces Madame Eve to let him fulfill the request. Lou and Daniel are super-hot together. This was a truly fun escape.

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