Monday, March 30, 2015

Reluctant Mate (Black Hills Wolves #11) by Chandra Ryan

Aimee Crest is the prissiest, most stuck-up Wolf Jackson Cooper has ever met. The woman has a temper that would send sailors running and enough emotional baggage to keep a shrink in business for a lifetime. A Wolf would do well to steer clear of her. And Jackson would be happy to do just that—if it weren’t for one little thing that makes her irresistible to him. She’s his mate.

It’s a fate Aimee didn’t ask for and one she’s not at all happy about. She doesn’t want a mate. More to the point, she refuses to accept one. Even if that mate happens to be tall, muscular, and damn good with his hands. He won’t be able to seduce his way into her heart. She won’t let him.

But in this battle of wills, there is no middle ground. Somebody is going to have to surrender.

My review:
I’ve never read anything by this author and so had no expectations.  I really enjoyed this story and love the cover.  Aimee Crest gave up her art for the Pack because they needed a lawyer.  She fell in love with a human and when she needed the Pack they let her down.  Is it any wonder why she has a bad attitude? Wolf Jackson Cooper lost his parents at a young age and was raised by humans.  When they discover each other in Gee’s bar in Los Lobos neither is thrilled that the other is their destined mate.  Can they get past all that and find each other? This is a quick paced story with a lot of subtext and a terrific addition to the Black Hills Wolves.  It is well written and I will check into this authors other work. 

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity #1) by Alexandra Ivy

It’s been a hell of a day for Abby Barlow. In just a few hours, she’s survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy, unearthly Dante, a vampire she both desires and fears.

For 341 years, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago. Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protest. And he will do so until his very death.

A terrifying plan has been set in motion, one that will plunge Dante and Abby into an epic battle between good and evil – and a desperate race to save their love…

My review:
Friends have been encouraging me to read this series for some time.  I finally picked up this book after meeting Ms. Ivy at a reader con.  This book is packed with action and adventure.  It kept me riveted right till the end.  That being said it took time for me to like Abby and even longer for me to like Dante but eventually they won me over.  I will be checking out the next book as soon as I can.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jagged Lovers Series by Catherine Vale - On The Prowl, On The Move, On The Edge

Jagged Lovers Series by Catherine Vale  - On The Prowl, On The Move, On The Edge

Notice To Readers: The Jagged Lovers series IS a cliffhanger-based series so each part ends with a cliffhanger. In addition, I won't leave you hanging! All three parts are available right now! Enjoy!

On The Prowl:
Addison James will do anything to save her sister's life. That includes giving herself to a dangerous stranger, a man with secrets, a man far from human. 

Griffin is the only one who can give Addison what her sister needs to survive, but to do so means Addison must give him the very same thing, no matter the cost. 

On The Move:
Griffin was a shifter who refused to be loved, but Addison James wouldn’t take no for an answer. With hearts on the line, and a new future on the rise, they were anxious to share their lives together, but fate had another plan for them. Addison finds herself kidnapped by humans who thought they were there to rescue her, but when a new plan forms Griffin needs to act quickly or risk losing his one true mate forever. 

On The Edge:
With raiders on the hunt, and Addison long gone, Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he's truly ever loved. He failed to protect her once, and if he doesn't move quickly, he just night never get the chance to hold her in his arms again. 

My review:

Gifted copies provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

I am so not a fan of serials.  Thank goodness all three installments were available at the time I was reading this or this would be a very different review. 
Part 1 - On The Prowl - Addison is desperate to find a cure for her twin sister.  Desperate enough to travel to Peru with her ex to find a flower that will provide the cure.  
Part 2 - On The Move – It is time for Addison to live up to her end of the bargain. Just when she becomes comfortable with Griffin and the shifters she is abducted by a bounty hunter.
Part 3 - On The Edge -  Reunited with her ex and her sister all Addison can think about is returning to Griffin.  Griffin is torn between finding Addison and protecting his people. 

In my humble opinion this would have worked just fine as a book rather than split into three parts.  These have to be read in order and probably wouldn’t work as standalone. 
Addison is smart, driven and a bit na├»ve.  Griffin is Alpha and at times obnoxious.  Watching him fall was a lot of fun.  If you treat this as a check your brain at the cover, total escape this is a good read.  If you have Kindle Unlimited get these three books as a vacation for your mind.  These books reminded me of 1950’s jungle movies.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bayou Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #5) by Heather Long

The rise of so many lone wolves into a prospective sixth pack brings the Alphas of all the North American packs to Willow Bend for a summit meeting. Having so many powerful dominants in one place brings challenges and hazards—no protocol can be left unturned and none feels it more than Lincoln Buckley, charged by his Alpha to be the liaison with the Delta Crescent Alpha, the fierce and wildly beautiful Serafina Andre.

Serafina stands apart from her ‘fellow’ Alphas, the only female to hold such sway over a North American pack, she has only the Delta Crescent’s interests in mind and expects the challenges from the other male Alphas, dominants all, in their need to protect the females. It doesn’t surprise her in the least to find the wolf assigned to her as liaison has also been tasked with her protection—what does startle her is the interest she experiences with him.

An Alpha doesn’t submit, no matter how much the woman in her craves him, too. Her pack must come first, especially since what Willow Bend proposes is insanity…

My review:
All 5 North American Alphas are meeting in Willow Bend to discuss the future of the rogue pack (discovered in Rogue Wolf - Wolves of Willow Bend #4)There are protocols and posturing and of course politics.   
When you are the Alpha of one of the biggest packs in North America and female your love life is going to take a back seat or so Serafina has found.  Time is limited due to duties and male egos are fragile.  Lincoln Buckley is charged by his Alpha to be the liaison with the Delta Crescent Alpha. I will admit to not liking Linc Buckley very much in previous books so I was delighted to see him taken down by a female Alpha. He has come to the realization (probably at the fists of his brothers) that perhaps his earlier actions/reactions may have been wrong.  Also meeting your mate has a way of messing with your mind. 
Linc is Alpha enough to stand by and up for Sera but beta enough not to want her position.  This is a delicate dance and Heather Long handles it with aplomb.  I LOVE this series. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Falling Hard (Eight Second Ride #1) by Sandy Sullivan

Levi Bond is a professional bull rider. Eight seconds on the back of a two-thousand pound bull gets the adrenaline pumping, his heart racing, and makes him feel like a million bucks. When he gets it in his mind to check out fellow bull rider, Curt Walsh, he is reminded how easy it would be to fall hard for the rugged cowboy.

Curt Walsh has the career he’s always wanted—professional bull rider. He’s good—more than good, he’s one of the best, but he’s off his game at the moment. Confusion about his sexual preference is running him ragged. He likes both men and women, but what he really wants is Levi Bond, his friend and fellow bull rider.

What happens when two macho bull riders fall for each other? Riding bulls is only eight seconds, but sharing a life together outside of the arena is an even bigger challenge. Are they ready to face it together?

My review:
Sandy Sullivan writes sexy reads.  That being said I was a little overwhelmed (as were our heroes Levi and Curt) by the amount of sex at the beginning of this book.  It was like they were hitting it whenever they weren’t eating, sleeping, driving or riding a bull.  However, just as I was getting ready to give up they started talking and the story grew legs and carried me away.  This is a fun cowboy story with a whole lotta hot cowboy on cowboy loving.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Soul Rest (Knights of the Board Room #7) by Joey W. Hill

Soul Rest (Knights of the Board Room #7) by Joey W. Hill

Celeste has worked her ass off to establish her freelance blog as a source of accurate crime news for the Baton Rouge area. Being a workaholic, focusing solely on her career, was her choice. Five years ago, she had a life-changing experience in a BDSM club that made it clear she is a submissive, but she believes her past makes embracing that path impossible. Then Sergeant Leland Keller walks into her life on a crime scene. He’s the Dom she’s always feared and hoped she’d meet, and he recognizes her as what he’s been looking for as well. But she fights submission as much as she longs for it.

Leland always thought he was looking for a docile, sweet-natured sub, but the heart wants what it wants. He can tell Celeste is aching for love and surrender. Having served in the military and now as a patrol sergeant in one of Baton Rouge’s most dangerous districts, he doesn’t shy from a challenge. His job is to protect and serve. He’s not going to let her down.

My review:
It is because of books like this that Joey W. Hill is on my auto-buy list.  She has an incredible gift with words.  In this Knights of the Board Room finale we are treated to the multi layered tale of Baton Rouge police Sergeant Leland Keller and journalist Celeste Lewis.  We have met both of these characters briefly in other KOB books but if you haven’t read them this book stands alone just fine.  Soul Rest is an erotic journey of discovery with BDSM elements. There is also romantic suspense as Leland struggles to save Celeste from a gang member who feels she is getting too close to exposing him as a murderer, her past and from herself.  He needs to prove to her that she is worth loving long term and that he isn’t going anywhere.  And then of course we are treated to Ben & Marcie’s (Hostile Takeover -Knights of the Board Room #5) wedding and after party where we get to touch base with the original Knights of the Board Room and guests.  As with any Joey W. Hill book if beautifully recounted kinky sex is not your thing- skip this book.  But if you want to read a super hot scintillating erotic romance give this book and Joey W. Hill a try.

You can read the free story where we meet Celeste for the first time here.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lust Actually (Tempting Signs #1) by Heather Long

12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs. 1 Explosive Series. What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? ARIES. 

Ethan Andrews makes his living reading people and tailoring his sales pitch to what they want. He lives his life on the road, traveling from city to city, hotel to hotel, and it all works for him until he meets Norah Silver—the woman he wants to come home to.

Norah Silver has a plan, one that requires focus and dedication. She’s working sixty to eighty hours a week between her two jobs—one for money and the other for her passion. She thrives on giving solid relationship advice that may be based in the stars, but also grounded in reality. The last thing she expected was to find a sizzling love connection of her own.

Sparks fly when these two stubborn Aries launch into an impulsive relationship. Telling themselves lust is actually enough turns out to be a lie, but can these rams bend enough to recognize it or will their off the charts chemistry explode before they really get started?

My review:
ARIES.  The ram.  Enterprising, Incisive, Spontaneous, Daring, Active, Courageous and Energetic, the Aries are the proverbial infants, guileless and optimistic to the fault. However, they also are impatient, impetuous, vain, proud and egoistic.  When two Aries get together it makes for a rather passionate relationship.  Sure the sex is off the charts but they both can’t be right all the time. 
I absolutely fell head over tail for Ethan.  He is charming, comfortably well off and has an incredible amount of patience. Every bit of which he will need in order to settle the totally driven and nervous Norah.  These two rams butt heads but love is stars.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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