Thursday, August 24, 2017

Of Murders and Mages: Casino Witch Mysteries 1 by Nikki Haverstock


Three ways that Ella's life is totally messed up:
__ her new coworker is as cranky as he is attractive
__ a mischievous cat has decided she needs a familiar
__ she just found out she's a witch who can read the emotional hologram of a magical death (and isn't that a mouthful)
And oh yeah, there's five dead bodies, and no one knows how they are connected. Now she’s drawn into a madcap investigation at the casino where she's managed to snag a job. She must navigate learning her new mage abilities, a topless burlesque show, a jealous girlfriend, gamblers of all varieties, and magical chocolate cake, all while not setting herself or others on fire before the murderer makes her the next victim.
A humorous adventure!

My review:

Of Murders and Mages is the first in a new paranormal cozy mystery series that will have you laughing and keep you guessing. Ella has recently lost her father, found a new job, and discovered she has powers. I love Ella. She is sweet, gorgeous, smart and funny. I loved this story and am looking forward to new adventures with Ella, Van & Patagonia.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Symphony of Power: a Chronicles of the Fallen story (The Symphony Series Book 2) by Julie Morgan

Symphony of Power: a Chronicles of the Fallen story (The Symphony Series Book 2)
by Julie Morgan


Kai finds himself on a new path; one that he must fight day and night for.
Having to overcome the loss of the Valkyrie, he longs for someone to sooth both him and is Oni demon. The path to love for Kai is about accepting something that he had no idea he needed; a triad with him, Felix and a willing woman.

Felix didn’t have time for love, feelings, or anything of the sort. This idea of Kai’s couldn’t come a worse time. Just when he lets his guard down to feel something, to let two of the closest people in, his pack is attacked. Now, all three of them must to fix what was broken and take the target off the back of the Oni.

Angelica had her work cut out for her being both bartender and banshee. She’d always fantasized about being in the middle of the demon and were-panther, but she never really thought that was a possibility. However, now the tables have turned and the offer has been put out for the taking.

The three must come together as one to heal what has been broken, or else everything will fail.

My review:

Ménage m/f/m
Oh my! This story is hot as Hades and a bit different than I am used to from this author but oh what fun. Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to have a lover willing to go to hell for you?  Read this and you will know. A bit of something different.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ashes of the Phoenix (Phoenix Rising, #1) by Jess Haines


Legend says a phoenix will rise again—but all that remains of the immortal bird are ashes and whispered fairy tales...

Lyra Adams enjoys her job as a rare books dealer, but when an angry wizard barges into her store and demands she fork over a unique tome from the antiquities section, she's not about to let him get away with grand larceny without a fight. 

Except it's suddenly very difficult to defend her wares, seeing as the wizard turned her into some kind of weird red bird by flinging a handful of ashes in her face.

Her only hope of returning to her normal, human self lies in the hands of the one man she never wanted to see again: her lying, stealing, sorcerous scumbag ex, James Pierce. The same light-fingered thief who tried to steal that very same tome from her a few days before.

She knows she can’t trust James with her heart or her inventory. Can she trust him to turn her back?

My review:

Ashes of the Phoenix by Jess Haines is a short but terrific start to a wonderful new series. Bookseller Lyra Adams starts the story as human but is soon transformed into a Phoenix. This story tells of her transformation and start to her new life as a legendary being. I can’t say much without giving spoilers but I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to more.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Fool of Main Beach (Love in Laguna #5) by Tara Lain


Merle Justice wants to reach for the stars, but it’s tough to get respect when playing a teenybopper vampire on TV. Then he meets a famous director anxious to give him all he thinks he wants—and maybe a bit more. Everything’s looking up until a life-threatening encounter with some homophobes on Main Beach puts Merle face-to-face with a Sasquatch-sized hero in a pink puffer coat.
Tom Henry defies description. As unsophisticated and simple as an angel, he walks through life content with who he is and asking for very little except to care for his sister, Lily, and the dogs he loves. Then he meets Merle, the embodiment of dreams he barely knows he has. Merle knows the people who hold his future in their hands might love Tom—but they’ll never understand Merle and Tom together. Tom knows it too. With lives this far apart, who’s really the fool of Main Beach?

My review:
At long last another addition to the Love in Laguna series. In this installment we have the TV heartthrob and the contractor. It took me a bit took get into this story not because the writing wasn’t good it is. I was worried about my reaction to the Electrician Tom Henry. I like everyone else in the story was a little bit wary about the rising star, Merle, and his relationship with the sweet and guileless Tom. But through the authors skilled pen we realize that there is no better place for these two guys than in each other’s arms.  I ended up loving this story.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reflections on a year of healing

On August 17th 2016 I was hurt when I dumped my scooter rather than hit head on the truck that pulled out in front of me. Having the right of way is no consolation if you are dead. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it wasn’t brutally hot as it had been. I had on my Harley Davidson helmet, Rocket gloves and a neon yellow safety vest with reflective striping yet the drive said he didn’t see me. I was lucky as when I landed the helmet took a beating but my brains didn’t. I have road rash scars the length of my right side. There is a knot on my shoulder that still itches as though it is healing. I have a truly ugly incision scar on the back of my leg where the surgeons cut into me to put plates and pins in my leg. But I am alive to bitch about it. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions dealing with this insult to my person. I learned a lot. I learned that there are a lot of people who care for me and my well being. I learned that I am a really crappy patient. I learned that my husband has the patience of a Saint. He went above and beyond in my care. I’ve battled depression and pain and have fought to regain a sense of safety. We made the decision to sell the scooter both for my husbands peace of mind and because when I tried to ride I had flashbacks. I hate that what was once so enjoyable now causes me fright. But above it all I am grateful to be alive and walking around.   



Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sassy Ever After: In My Mate's Sight (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Cassidy K. O'Connor

In My Mate's Sight (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Cassidy K. O'Connor


Man’s best friend also happens to be woman’s best mate.
Caeden Shepperd is new to town, and being the only dog shifter around makes things a little awkward and sometimes difficult for him, but working for the sheriff’s department helps. When a protection case comes in as a favor to a fellow employee, Caeden is up for the job, but he wasn’t expecting to be that type of companion. But one look and he knows he’ll do anything for her.
After witnessing a murder with the killer still at large, Koira Scott’s mom immediately calls Koira’s aunt for help. Koira lost her sight at an early age, which her mother thinks puts her at a disadvantage, so she moves her far away in hopes of protecting her. What Koira wasn’t expecting to find in the new town was the handsome deputy, or the department’s seeing eye dog, Thumper, but both make her feel safe.
When Koira’s past comes after her, Caeden’s loyalty knows no bounds. He’ll stop at nothing to protect her. When her eyes are opened to the truth, will it make a difference? Or is she too far in to let go? 

My review:
A dog shifter! Yay! I think there should be a whole lot more dog shifter books out there. I really like that Koira though blind is not portrayed as an invalid or helpless. I loved the snark and comradery among the guys and that even though Caeden is a dog he has earned a place among the wolves.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story even though I am not sure I pronounced the characters names correctly.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

A Dance With Death (1Night Stand #191) by Louisa Bacio

I LOVE this cover!


She’s a classic…
After recovering from an injury and uncertain of her future in the world of dance, ballerina Isabella treats herself to a dating service–some frolicking between the sheets before she decides what to do with the rest of her life is just the jeté her heart and mind needs.
He’s a bit more modern…
A successful music video choreographer, Raul is constantly surrounded by gorgeous dancers. But his life lacks a vitality and depth he needs to fuel his creative passion. He turns to a 1Night Stand to discover inspiration.
A dance between life and death…
When an accident threatens to cancel the evening of romance, Isabella and Raul will have to dance to a new beat. Can a dance with death change fate?

My review:
A Dance With Death by Louisa Bacio was not what I was expecting but was so much more. This story may be short but there is a lot going on. Two professionals from opposite ends of the dance spectrum meet for a One Night Stand but find so much more. I love how the author gave us such a full story filled with mystery, intrigue and love.

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