Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Backlash (Winter's Wrath #1) by Bianca Sommerland

Outcasts, black sheep, those who never fit in anywhere. Winter’s Wrath belongs to them. Every single member of the band rejects the norm when it comes to music. 

They won’t settle when it comes to love. 

Alder Trousseau, the lead guitarist in a band that owns his heart and soul, has always stood in the shadow of a man he hates. Braver “Brave” Trousseau, the voice of Winter’s Wrath. 

For the success of the band, they have to work past their animosity, but that’s difficult when they have the same taste in women. And men. 

Sex is a game to Brave. A game that might leave the people Alder cares for completely broken. Unless he claims them for his own. 

If he steps out of the shadows, he’ll have no choice to play. To win. 

On stage, the drama drives the fans insane. The songs they sing are a blood racing, body moving, warcry. But the very real battle taking place between the snares and the mic might tear the band apart.

My review:
Bianca Sommerland is no stranger to the male group dynamic and fluid sexuality. Her Dartmouth Cobras hockey guys showed us that. Now she takes on Winter's Wrath a hard core music group with interesting dynamics. In Backlash we meet the group and their different personalities. Backlash focuses on the lead guitarist Alder Trousseau, the head roadie Jesse and Danica a model/actress making a change. Winter's Wrath is a dysfunctional family with all the love and angst that go with that. This is a fun and fascinating world and I look forward to exploring it further. If you don’t enjoy reading books with sex, drugs and rock and roll pass this one by but if you wanted to know what goes on backstage check it out.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wrecked (Axle Alley Vipers #3) by Sherilee Gray

He's driving her crazy...

Piper West is finally on her own, and it's time to get crazy. Except that her overprotective big bro has enlisted his ex-cop best friend to keep an eye on his baby sister. With every move monitored and reported back, Piper's life has gone from "going crazy" to "being driven crazy." But a searing-hot kiss with her sexy and scarred watchdog is just the game-changer she needs...

Cole Black owes Piper's brother big-time, but there's nothing easy about his new assignment. Piper is all feisty sexiness and curves meant to tempt a man beyond reason, and Cole can't stop himself. Now he's caught up in a hunger like nothing he's ever known, and he can't get enough...

Even if Piper's the one girl he's not allowed to have.

My review:
Former cop Cole Black has been in love with Piper since she was 17. He went off to let her grow up and so he could save up to be with her. He would deal with her being his best friends little sister when the time came. But life is what happens when you are making plans. After Cole & his partner are involved in an accident in which Cole is at the wheel and his partner doesn’t survive Cole comes home scarred inside and out. He has a bad case of survivors guilt and is convinced he doesn’t deserve happiness. Good thing Piper is just as stubborn as he is.
I really enjoyed this story. Cole has issues and is dealing with them as best he knows how. Once he lets in one person it gets easier to let in another and another. Piper has been in love with Cole for what seems her whole life and if sex is the only way he can communicate she will take it for now. And the sex is smoking hot! It is fun watching the feisty blonde bring down the hulking hunk. Although this is part of a series it can be read as a standalone with no problems.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone

He promised to stay away…but some promises are made to be broken

Plain-Jane computer programmer Khloe Richardson needs a date—one to make the prince of her dreams jealous. Maybe then he'll finally see her as a desirable swan and not the ugly duckling in the second office from the left.

But when she bids on a bachelor at a charity auction, the man she wins is millionaire Niall Hunter—who once made intense, passionate love to her and then left without a word. She's determined not to let her guard down again—among other things—around the infamous Irish lothario.

Niall never imagined his penance for one hot-as-hell night with his best friend’s little sister would be transforming her from a shy wallflower to a sultry siren. Helping her attract another man is torture...especially when he promised his friend he’d stay away. Plus, she wants forever, and he's not a forever kind of guy. But Niall can't stop wanting her. Can't stop touching her. Can't stop, period. And damn if he can remember why he has to...

My review:
The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone is an adorable best friends little sister romance. Who can resist a wealthy Henry Cavill double with an Irish accent? Certainly not computer programmer Khloe Richardson. But Niall has issues and it is going to take time, patience, smoking hot sex and a push from Khloe’s bff to get these two to realize that they are perfect for each other. This is a fun, well written story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Southern Shifters: Pryde and Precious (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Heather Long

Arianna Ferrars, a minor telepath, might be a skilled botanist, but her specialty is in the marriage of genomes to create vibrant blooms—not recombinant DNA for scent. When senior researcher on the scent project disappeared, Arianna finds herself facing a new task. With only a handful of samples and a rapidly approaching deadline, Arianna needs a crash course in chemistry from military attaché Colonel Brandon. 

Working undercover among the humans gives John Brandon access to the latest potential threats against the clans. When Project Pryde crosses his desk, he makes it his business to find out why a psi clan wants to work with high-level human chemists. Intercepting their request and supplying his information, he sets out to seduce the lovely Arianna Ferrars in order to learn everything she knows.  

The last thing the white tiger expects to find in the delicate plant specialist is a treasure more precious than any science.

My review:
Fans of Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling’s will love this novella by Heather Long. Arianna is a minor psi talent and thus considered a throwaway by her council. Shifter John Brandon takes the bait when Arianna’s council sets her up. Always the professional he has no clue how to handle the feelings she inspires in him. Arianna doesn’t know what John is but she knows he has the quietest mind and he makes her feel. Watching these two get together is a blast. I felt like I wanted to know more. But a fun read none the less.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Next Lifetime (Hunters Book 1) by Paige Prince

Born a witch, Sarah, the daughter of the town’s only judge, keeps her gift and her love of William, a lowly farmhand a closely guarded secret. Their plans for a life together come to a grisly end when Bastian, one of the world’s most feared and evil vampires, finds out about her power and decides to add another prize to his collection. 
A hundred years later, William has been reborn as Lucas Dagan, the most powerful vampire hunter the Order of St. Marcellus has in its ranks. He has no memory of his past with Sarah. But, Sarah, now known as Caitlin, remembers. Worse, she’s now the very thing Lucas has sworn to exterminate from the earth. Any chance they might have had at happiness has been crushed. 
But Bastian has returned with far more sinister plans. Duty and passion collide when Caitlin and Lucas are forced to fight together to save the world. But will determination and remembered love be enough? Because if Bastian has his way, there won’t be a Next Lifetime for anyone.

My review:
Next Lifetime is the first in a new series. Magic, vampires, werewolves all the ingredients for a fun story. What happens when a witch and her love are interrupted by a sadistic vampire has decided to add the witch to his collection? He attacks her lover and attempts to change her. She pushes him off but not before he has terminally injured both of them. The witch throws a spell at her love to have him return to her in the future. She gets turned by another vampire who was following the first. Her love has returned only to be taken from her again by various means now 130 years later he has come back as a vampire hunter and our story begins.
Paige Prince is a gifted writer and I look forward to seeing more of this world.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Punished (Crescent City Creatures Book 1) by Samantha Stone

Mary just wants to get away from her boss, but quitting her job would leave her and her sister homeless. Raphael is a criminal living with the never-ending guilt of the crimes he committed centuries ago. Punished brings them together in a romance filled with lore, laugher, and love. Samantha Stone is pleased to present Book 1 of her new paranormal romance series, Crescent City Creatures. 

Raphael Saar is an exiled werewolf, a convict on the direct path to a death sentence—for a crime he didn’t commit. He doesn’t care, so long as he can end the human trafficking ring kidnapping women across New Orleans. 

Recovering from a horrific tragedy, one particularly bad day for Mary Newman has stretched into months. A nanny for a wealthy family in New Orleans, she can’t understand why she’s being constantly humiliated by her boss until the night she learns that he’s not human—and neither is she. 

Only Raphael can save her from the monster feeding from her misery, but will Mary be able to stop his execution? 

Punished teams up werewolves, banshees, a wompus cat and a haint in order to rid New Orleans of a group of immortals determined to hurt the city’s women and kill Raphael’s pack. 

Content Notes: Spicy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, Shifters, Wolves, Other Weres, Magic, Ghosts

My review:
There is so much to love about this book I don’t know where to start. Our hero is an honorable werewolf being punished for a crime he isn’t responsible for. Our heroine is just trying to make ends meet after her parents were killed. She quit school so she could take care of her younger sister. The cast around them each had something to add to the story and I can’t wait till they each get their story. The bad guys are horribly bad and you root for their destruction. This book is for PNR fans and not bad for fans of Urban Fantasy. I look forward to the next installment.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Virgin and Her Wolf by Katalina Leon

Luck be a lady tonight. Claire Bannatyne is a lady, but sometimes the twenty-one-year old wolftress behaves like an indecisive virgin princess. Her father is the Grand Alpha of an ancient pack of wolf-shifters devoted to secrecy and tradition. Now her procrastination to choose a life-mate is going to cost her dearly. In twenty-four hours, she’ll be forced to enter into an arranged marriage, with a mate of her father’s choosing, and all the wrong men are vying for her hand. Desperate for a carefree last fling, she contacts Madame Eve and pleads for a 1Night Stand. She arrives in Las Vegas expecting a whirlwind night of hedonistic lust, but those plans implode big time. 

Irish charmer, Aidan Gregor has flirtatious topaz eyes and loads of Alpha confidence. He’s a motorcycle-racing thrill seeker, used to taking risks. 

An irresistible attraction ignites between Claire and Aidan after he slams into her while chasing a mugger. He apologizes by wining and dining her then visiting the Romulus BDSM Club. 

Naughty, naughty, somebody’s hiding a secret and that secret has big teeth. On their way to getting undressed, Claire and Aidan discover they’re in a lot of trouble. Their lust is going to burn bright for far longer than one night. But with so much at stake, there’s only one-way for these two to find a happily ever after, and that’s going to mean putting it all on the line.

My review:
Madame Eve has done it again! Sometimes what you need isn’t what you ask for. Claire Bannatyne is a 21 year old sheltered virgin. She is the pack princess and has yet to find a mate so daddy (the pack alpha) is going to pick one for her. Claire may be naïve but she is a modern girl and horrified by that reality. She applies to Madame Eve for a night where she can have a man who will make her feel special and give her a good time before she has to settle into the hum drum life daddy has planned for her. Things don’t go the way she has planned but meeting Aidan is so much better. Aidan is patient and kind and super sexy. He shows her the good time she signed up for. But now he wants more.
Aidan saves the book. I wasn’t crazy about Claire. I am not a big fan of the spoiled princess type but then I saw her through Aidan’s eyes and started rooting for them both. Katalina Leon tells a really good story.

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