Friday, October 28, 2016

A Mate's Forgiving Touch (Black Hills Wolves #57) by Merryn Dexter

A wolf on the run
Tired of running from the past, Connor Burrows is working his way home to Los Lobos. He knows he needs to face his family and finally come to terms with the horrors of their shared past. When he stops in the small town of Franklin, the last thing he expects to find is a lone wolf who smells like perfection and takes no prisoners.

Trapped by the beast inside
Bailey Clarke is a freak of nature, her father has told her so since she was a little girl. Hiding the beast inside grows harder every day. When a handsome, charming, infuriating stranger rides into town, he threatens to destroy the carefully constructed walls she uses to protect herself, and everyone else around her.

A man on a mission
Connor is determined to claim Bailey as his mate. His dominant nature loves the challenge this sparky little wolf presents both in and out of bed. He won’t let anything stand between them – not her father, and certainly not Bailey’s own fears and doubts.

Tamed by the wolf within
Bailey sees what her life could be, if she can only learn to trust for the first time in her life. Before she can accept Connor as her mate, she will have to repair the broken bond between herself and her wolf. Will her secrets destroy their chance at happiness?

A race against time
Newly mated, Connor and Bailey find themselves in a fight for their lives. Family ties will prove their deadliest threat and their greatest salvation.

My review:
In previous books Connor Burrows was a bit of a jerk. He lashed out at those who love him and hit the road. Now tail tucked between his legs he is working his way back home. In a small town 50 miles from home he stops to pick up some work to pick up a bit of cash and maybe delay a little bit.  What he didn’t expect was finding Bailey Clarke. The wolf meant to be his mate.  Bailey has grown up packless and afraid of her wolf. Conner is going to have to work for his redemption. 
I loved this book. Watching Conner forced to be patient was worth it. There is a lot going on in this book and I would have liked to know more about what happened with Bailey’s parents. If you like PNR you will love A Mate's Forgiving Touch.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Eyes Only for Me (Eyes of Love #1) by Andrew Grey

For years, Clayton Potter’s been friends and workout partners with Ronnie. Though Clay is attracted, he’s never come on to Ronnie because, let’s face it, Ronnie only dates women. 

When Clay’s father suffers a heart attack, Ronnie, having recently lost his dad, springs into action, driving Clay to the hospital over a hundred miles away. To stay close to Clay’s father, the men share a hotel room near the hospital, but after an emotional day, one thing leads to another, and straight-as-an-arrow Ronnie make a proposal that knocks Clay’s socks off! Just a little something to take the edge off. 

Clay responds in a way he’s never considered. After an amazing night together, Clay expects Ronnie to ignore what happened between them and go back to his old life. Ronnie surprises him and seems interested in additional exploration. Though they’re friends, Clay suddenly finds it hard to accept the new Ronnie and suspects that Ronnie will return to his old ways. Maybe they both have a thing or two to learn.

My review:
Eyes Only for Me is one of those books that leaves me conflicted. I love Clay. He is out and proud and knows what he wants from life. Ronnie appears to have it all. He is handsome and successful. He has no problems attracting the ladies.  I love that these guys are older.  Their relationship is dialog driven and at times left me uninvolved. Still, well worth the read.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Magic and Mayhem: Reality Shift (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Southern Shift Book 2) by H.M. McQueen

Magic and Mayhem: Reality Shift (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Southern Shift Book 2) 
by H.M. McQueen

Vampire, rabbits and wolves....oh crap. When Jill James agrees to help the troublesome wolf shifter twins film a reality show, the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of bat crap crazy chain of events.

Okay so maybe ending up naked on the kitchen floor with a hunky vampire is not exactly that bad. However, the real question is why does Jill end up kidnapped and tied up with a rabbit shifter afterwards?

My review:
Laugh out loud silliness. Reality Shift takes place in the same world as Southern Howl but can be read stand alone. Jill is half human and half werewolf. She owns her sexuality but life hasn’t been the same for her since she broke up with the hunky vampire. Will she ever find the committed relationship she yearns for?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Self Importance of Lesser Beings (13 Shades of Red #3.5) by S.A. Price, Audra Price

13 Shades of Red Story 3.5

Determined to take the time before tour slow and easy with friends and family on a routine camping trip, Nyx is not ready for the surprise that waits for her and Declan at the campsite, a surprise that will change their lives together in the shortest amount of time possible

Please Note: this story is an add on to Make Damn Sure. It SHOULD NOT be read alone and should not be read before you read Make Damn Sure. 

My review:
I listened to this on audio and the narrator does a great job.  This is a terrific, short fairy tale starring a glimmer toad and his attitude.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

On a personal note

My daughter got married this weekend. I am thrilled for them. It only took an act of the supreme court to make it happen. I will admit to being a bit put out that they didn't want or need my help putting it all together. I mean isn't that what moms do? I am so glad they were strong enough to insist on doing things their way. It was a beautiful, magical event that was totally them. I will admit to tearing up during the ceremony especially when the handwritten vows were read. I wish them many years of happiness.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Magic and Mayhem: Risky Witchness (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Saranna DeWylde

Millicent Mandrake is a witch with a Prick and problem. She’d argue that all Pricks are problems, but to be fair, she’s never met another porcupine familiar. She wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t taken to crawling into her seat at just the wrong time. The middle of Masters Conjuring and she’d just wrought the best, most powerful spell of her life--mortals would call it defending their dissertation—and she sat on him. The stream of curses that left her lips tore a hole in this dimension and conjured a slick-talking, snappy dressing, horned hottie named Ethelred. 

Instead of being the answer she’d hoped for—making her student loans disappear—he’s another problem. His magic doesn’t work in this dimension and she has no idea how to send him home. So she packs up her Prick, her problem, her Ethelred, and all her worldly and otherworldly goods in her purple ’86 SS Monte Carlo, and drives to Assjacket, West Virginia in hopes of gaining an audience with Baba Yaga, but she’s away visiting the 80’s. 
When Millie tries to drown her sorrows in fairy juice, she gets a different kind of audience, a hangover from hell, and an idea that’s just crazy enough to work—a strip club that caters to the supernatural. She’ll be raking in the money in no time and her magic will be safe. 

Of course, nothing can be that easy in Assjacket—or even just outside the county line. Some patrons are committing strange crimes after leaving her club and she’s got ten days to solve the mystery or face Baba Yaga’s wrath. 

My review:
Sassy, sexy and fun. Millicent Mandrake is a witch who is smart, sexy and comfortable in her own skin. She has hit a couple of speed bumps but hasn’t let it get her down. Her familiar is a porcupine and she accidentally pulled a demon into this dimension. Now she is trying to pay off her student loans, figure out what she has done to end up with a porcupine familiar and try not to fall for the hot demon. Just another day in the life. If you want a laugh out loud escape then Risky Witchness is for you.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Witches of Mane Street Book 1) by Heather Long

Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Witches of Mane Street Book 1) by Heather Long

Curses. Vampires. Skunks. The life of a Witch Singer shouldn’t be this complicated. 

After years spent paying off an old debt by working for the vampires, Bridget the Witch Singer receives the opportunity of the lifetime. Solve one vampire’s oops—he turned the wrong person—and she’s a free witch. Desperate to win her freedom, she heads to Assjacket to find the solution to the vampire’s problem and everything goes wrong along the way, including a flat tire, getting sprayed by a skunk and the road trip from hell. 

Unfortunately, Martin is no ordinary skunk and his spray is a nervous tick. She does her best to save the beast when her scream accidentally wounds him and springs him from his curse. Good news for Martin, not so good for Bridget who can’t get rid of him. Once in Assjacket, she’s tasked by the BabaYoMama to unite at least two couples and sing at their weddings in order to gain the cure she needs for her freedom. 

No problem, right?

My review:
The Witch Singer is a light hearted, uproariously funny romp. Bridget the Witch Singer has had a bit of bad luck but is offered an opportunity to bail herself out. You know she is going to do whatever she has to.  What is involved is a road trip, a talking skunk and surprises galore.  We get our happily for now and I can’t wait for the next installment.

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