Monday, May 2, 2016

Secrets of Submission by L.K. Shaw

A yearning to give up control…

After leaving a toxic relationship, Penny Stephens has spent the last several years rebuilding her self esteem. She’s learning to love her plus size body again. In her journey toward self discovery, Penny realizes what’s been missing from her intimate life: submission. But she doesn’t know the true meaning of the word. That is, until she meets him.

A desire to teach her all she needs…

Marcus Allen, an intense Dominant, is instantly attracted to the voluptuous auburn haired beauty. He is eager to show her how to embrace her submissive side. Relentless in his approach, he begins Penny’s education. He’ll spend his days and nights teaching her the secrets of submission.

My review:
Secrets of Submission is the debut novel by L.K. Shaw and it will leave you wanting more by this young author.  The story is told from his and her points of view and it is nice to see both sides of the story. It makes it easier to understand where each of the characters are coming from. The characters are human and likable. I really want Donovan’s story. I look forward to more from this author.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

My apologies

As you may have heard (see previous blog) I am a bit banged up. A sad side affect of the pain meds they have me on is I seem to be unable to read. So if I promised a review I am sorry but it will be delayed. I promise to get them up asap.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Gratitude and a Giveaway

I have passed the half century mark. I am active and enjoy life. When running quick errands I ride my motor scooter (it's a mini motorcycle). Wednesday while leaving the grocery store I swerved to avoid a pedestrian and clipped a sidewalk sign. I fell from the scoot and it fell on top of me. I hit the kill switch and cussed a bunch (under my breath, mostly). Some bystanders rushed to help. They pulled the scoot off of me. A sweet lady called my husband for me as I hadn't brought my phone. Folks stopped by to see if I needed an ambulance. Alexis, our exterminator, happened by and sat with me until my husband showed up. Several guys helped me get to my feet. When we got to the Emergency Room the doctors, nurses and techs treated me kindly and well even though I was not at my best. I landed on my left elbow and all my weight plus that of the scoot did some damage. They drugged me up and used a C shaped x-ray machine (this was after regular x-rays and a cat scan) to tease the bones back to where they should be and then put me in a soft cast. Today I follow up with my Orthopedist to discuss surgery options.

What struck me most about this whole experience was the kindness of strangers. These people were of all colors, religious beliefs, socioeconomic strata, they could have been glbt, Republicans or Democrats; none of that matters as they/we are all human and they didn't want me to hurt. Next time I get down about what is happening in our world I will think on this and smile.

So to all those wonderful people that stopped to help a complete stranger I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. To the Doctors, Nurses and Techs thanks for putting up with me for six hours and easing my pain and my husbands worries.

I am blessed to be alive and only moderately damaged (the scooter has no damage for those that were curious) so I am going to give away a surprise package or maybe two.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taming Kiera by Chantel Seabrook

Kiera is the daughter of the notorious Richard Boyd, the man responsible for the death of hundreds of shifters. She’s also the most recent victim of her father’s experiments. Once human, Kiera was genetically altered with metamorph DNA. She barely survived the transformation, and now must learn how to control the animal within. 

Alpha werelion, Jacob Oliver has always prided himself on being reliable, loyal, and practical. He’s the youngest ever, Director of Therian Affairs. When the first survivor of spontaneous morphing ends up in his care, Jacob finds himself struggling to maintain his composure. 

There’s always been something wild and untamed within Kiera, but if she’s ever going to be able to rejoin society, she’ll need someone to teach her how to control her new animal nature. Jacob Oliver is just the man for the job, or at least he thinks he is. 

What happens when you add fire to ice? Steam! Will Jacob extinguish the flame within her, or will Kiera finally melt Jacob’s icy exterior?

My review:
Life laughs at Alpha werelion, Jacob Oliver. He has avoided getting serious with anyone because there is a curse hanging over his head. Of course then he meets Kiera Boyd, the first survivor of spontaneous morphing and his mate. Kiera shakes up Jacobs world and gives him a reason to fight his fate. These two are fun to watch. Immovable object meets unstoppable force.  I loved everything about this book except the title. There is no taming of any kind in this book.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

Calista Langley operates an exclusive “introduction” agency in Victorian London, catering to respectable ladies and gentlemen who find themselves alone in the world. But now, a dangerously obsessed individual has begun sending her trinkets and gifts suitable only for those in deepest mourning—a black mirror, a funeral wreath, a ring set with black jet stone. Each is engraved with her initials.

Desperate for help and fearing that the police will be of no assistance, Calista turns to Trent Hastings, a reclusive author of popular crime novels. Believing that Calista may be taking advantage of his lonely sister, who has become one of her clients, Trent doesn’t trust her. Scarred by his past, he’s learned to keep his emotions at bay, even as an instant attraction threatens his resolve.

But as Trent and Calista comb through files of rejected clients in hopes of identifying her tormentor, it becomes clear that the danger may be coming from Calista’s own secret past—and that only her death will satisfy the stalker...

My review:
I love JAK in all her incarnations. Like all her books this was a fast paced really fun read. The heroine is a smart strong woman trying to make it in a world where women have little control over their lives. I loved the hero, a successful author of detective mysteries who has to deal with everyone telling him how his story should go. His patience with his fans is commendable. The mystery in this book takes convoluted twists and turns before we get to the conclusion. I enjoyed this book and recommend it heartily.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Death in the Casino: Target Practice Mysteries 5 by Nikki Haverstock

A tournament in Vegas means gambling, archery… and murder? The last thing Di, her roommate Mary, and Great Dane Moo expect when they arrive in Sin City is to be swept up in another investigation. But when friend Loggin fears he might be the next victim, the competition takes a back seat to finding a killer. 
A wholesome cozy murder for every sleuth in the family 
This is the fifth book in the Target Practice Mysteries series. 

My review:
If you want a fun murder mystery with a sweet and often silly cast of characters (sort of a grown up version of the Scooby Doo gang complete with dog) then let me recommend this series. I’ve learned a whole bunch about archery and enjoyed each of these stories. How can you not love a great dane named Moo? In this adventure one of their own is threatened and Di and Mary have to find out who is behind it and why before another body drops. Clean and sweet.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Fatal Honor (Shadow Force International #2) by Misty Evans

The second thrilling novel in the bodyguard romantic suspense series, Shadow Force International.

Miles is Charlotte’s one and only weakness. He’s also her only hope…

To stop a Romanian crime lord and clear her name, British Intelligence officer Charlotte Carstons has no choice. She must track down former Navy SEAL Miles Duncan and ask for his help. Miles holds the key to completing her undercover assignment and proving she’s no traitor…but he also holds a grudge. Getting him to forgive her may be the most challenging mission of her life.

Charlotte is his fantasy woman. She’s also the biggest mistake of his career…

He was supposed to hunt her down. Instead Miles ended up at the mercy of the sexy, mysterious MI6 agent who left him without so much as a goodbye after their six-week love affair in the Carpathian Mountains. Back in the States and working as an operative for Shadow Force International, Miles has been searching for Charlotte ever since—and so has everyone else. She’s a traitor to her country and she may be responsible for the deaths of his SEAL teammates a year ago.

Together, they can save the world. Or destroy each other…

When Charlotte shows up on his doorstep asking for help, Miles knows better than to get involved. She's determined to go back to Romania with or without him, however, and he knows she’s walking into a deadly trap. Can he keep her safe as they travel across continents and explore the depth of their feelings for each other? Or will misplaced honor and treasonous loyalties prove fatal for them both?

My review:
Fatal Honor is a fast paced romantic suspense with imperfect good guys and truly repugnant bad guys, twists and turns that will keep you flipping pages. Fatal honor reads like a spy movie. Strap in and hold on you are in for a wild ride.  

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