Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wolf on a Leash (Black Hills Wolves Book 15) by Virginia Nelson

Longtime submissive, Patch Williams, never quite finds the release she seeks. When a new Dom comes to town, offering play she’s never tried before, it’s a battle to give into the pleasure he offers while keeping her wolf nature a secret.

Home from overseas service, Kennedy Laurie realizes a few things about himself—he only gets off when a little sadism is involved, and he’s terrified of going too far, getting lost in the play. Patch might be just the submissive he’s been dreaming of.

Patch recognizes the call to mate…but with an out-of-towner? Her body demands for her to submit, to tell him everything, but can her Dom tame the Wolf on a Leash?

My review:
This story takes place in the world of Black Hills Wolves but can be read stand alone.  This is a short sweet story with BDSM elements.  Patch is a submissive wolf but still suffered under the former regime do she has learned to take care of herself.  She avoids everyone socially and goes to a small fet club to get her other needs met.  It is there that she meets the very human Dom Kennedy Laurie.  He has his own issues but there is a connection between the two.  Can Patch continue to keep her worlds separate?  Will Kennedy allow her too?  Read this short sassy book and find out. 
I got a total kick out of Patch.  I really enjoyed this story. 

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unraveled (Mastered #3) by Lorelei James

In this sizzling continuation of the Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a man will find the domination he’s always craved…

Shiori Hirano and Knox Lofgren are left to run the martial arts program at Black Arts while Ronin Black travels. On the surface, the two highest ranked belts appear to cooperate—but in private, they butt heads constantly, despite the undeniable attraction between them. Soon their power exchanges start to make for a sweltering dynamic in the bedroom…

At first Knox is shocked to be living out his submissive desires, but Shiori sets out to prove that embracing his true sexual nature doesn’t make him a weak man. But even while their sexual relationship grants him a power and fulfillment he finds surprising, there’s no training regimen for the fight that comes with loving a strong woman…

My review:
Lorelei James is known for her smoking HOT cowboy books.  She has moved on to the world of martial arts and MMA. Unraveled is Shiori Hirano and Knox Lofgren’s story.  The first 2½ books feature Shiori’s brother Ronin Black but this book can be read standalone. 
Knox is an Alpha male; not who you think of as submissive but Shiori aka Mistress B proves otherwise.  Submissive doesn’t mean weak. This is a terrific, well told story.  I fell for Knox right along with Shiori.  This is the story of Knox’s submission and their growth as a couple.
I am so thrilled that Lorelei James is going to continue this series and am really looking forward to seeing Deacon fall.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #6) by Heather Long

Untamed Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #6) by Heather Long 

Willow Bend Hunter, Dylan Royce, is a natural flirt and courted his fair share of she-wolves, but he’s never found the woman who makes his heart beat. With the new pack’s borders verging on Willow Bend territory, he’s tasked with keeping an eye on them. His job grows more challenging daily, especially since one seductive female keeps crossing the line.

Chrystal Landros knows she’s supposed to keep to her side of the Three Rivers-Willow Bend line. But she loves to explore, and Willow Bend is home to some spectacular sites. As a former Lone Wolf, she hasn’t always been certain of her welcome, but her new home in Three Rivers opens a wonderful world of unfamiliar opportunities. Too bad the wolf who makes her blood heat is tasked with keeping her away from the places she wants to visit. 

While Dylan and Chrystal clash repeatedly over her border incursions, the game between them threatens to turn deadly. Tensions between Willow Bend and Three Rivers continue to rise. Could their forbidden dalliance be the spark to ignite a war?

My review:
I love the Wolves of Willow Bend and this may one of my favorites of the series.  This story isn’t a sniff and know that the other wolf is your mate kind of deal.  It takes bachelor wolf Dylan a while to figure out and admit to himself that the flighty wolf from 3 Rivers pack that keeps trespassing on Willow Bend territory in search of the pretty may just be his mate. 
I truly enjoyed watching these two find out about each other and themselves.  I also enjoyed the peek we got of a kinder gentler Julian the uber scary enforcer.
This book can be read standalone but is better if you’ve read the earlier books in the series. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Craving Cameo: The Pullman Shifters (ROAR) by TL Reeve

The daughter of the Sentinels pack and MC Alpha, Cameo Cruz moved across country to escape her pack—and the wolf she can never have. Making a new life, she embraced her freedom and went to school. One partying night with her best friend shatters her bubble of safety, and she’s forced to do the one thing she swore she never would…ask for help. 

Quade Rainwater lives for his pack and the life the Sentinels Alpha gave him when he took him in. He’d do anything for them, even cut himself off from the she-wolf he’s loved for as long as he’s known her. When all hell breaks loose and someone puts a bounty on his girl, Quade will cross the country to protect her. Unfortunately for him, he’s the last person she wants to see. 

All he has to do is keep her safe from the bounty hunters, the locals, and himself…. 

My review:
I am not usually a fan of MC books but I am a fan of the ROAR series of loosely connected stories of young shifters coming into their own so I decided to give this installment a chance.
This was a really good read by a new to me author.  The characters were real and the story despite having shifters was believable.  Being married to a man 14 years my senior I was in a place to commiserate with the 12 year age difference between Quade and Cameo.  And unlike some of the others in this series I didn’t feel like everything was rushed to meet the size limitations.  I truly got a kick out of it and look forward to Fe & Cougars story.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Helena Goes to Hollywood: A Helena Morris Mystery by CC Dragon

Helena Morris Mystery Book 1 

Martial arts instructor Helena Morris has a few weaknesses. One is her FBI agent ex-husband who she avoids. The other is her superstar sister Sonia who is divorcing a soap star hunk of a husband. When Sonia needs protection from a stalker, Helena finds herself playing bodyguard and investigator. Glitz and glamour aren't her style but she must gain full entry into her sister’s world to keep her safe! 

It’s hard to know who to trust when half the suspects are professional actors with out of control egos. A murder too close for comfort stuns everyone and Hel knows her sister is probably next. Working the case with a little help from her still interested ex, a hunky LAPD detective, and other helpful friends, she has to track down rabid fans and clear jealous co-stars to get at the killer. With so many suspects, she’ll have to outsmart them all while not pissing off the LAPD to get a step ahead of the killer. 

My review:
This is a fabulous cozy mystery. Helena is strong, motivated and herself.  I love that she is pushing forty and fantastic.  In this book she comes to the rescue of her baby sister 10 years her junior and a Hollywood up and comer.  The characters jump off the page and you have no trouble watching them play in your mind. The mystery kept me guessing right up to the end.  I am looking forward to more fun with Helena.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forever Devoted (Tempting Signs #2) by Virginia Nelson

12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs. 1 Explosive Series. What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? TAURUS. 

Robbie Jacobs is content being just one of the guys. For years, she’s run with her ‘Pack,’ a group of rowdy boys she went to high school with, used to party with, and now leans on in times of trouble. She has a couple gal pals, sure, but none of them are as close as the Pack…

Gray Smythe has been the unchallenged leader of their group of friends for years. Stoic, determined, he’s managed to be there for them all through some crazy shit. But when Robbie, the only girl in their group, gets into a car accident, the line between friendship and lover suddenly gets a hell of a lot thinner.

One stubborn Taurus man who’s sure he knows what’s right and wrong and one woman fighting to win back her body and a chance at love… Will Robbie believe Gray is actually Forever Devoted?

My review:
This is a wonderful friends to lovers story.  Robbie & Gray became best friends as kids and formed their own little pack.  Now years later they are still best friends with a massive crush on each other that neither knows of or is willing to risk their friendship over.  That is until Robbie is nearly killed in a car accident and Gray takes over her care forcing them closer and further apart. 
It is so much fun watching these two circle around each other and if Robbie doesn’t want Gray I do.  These two Taurus are as bull headed as their sign.  Forever Devoted is a quick sweet read.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Love Beyond Sanity (The Outsiders #2) by Rebecca Royce


The Outsiders Book Two

Eighteen years earlier, Charma lost her destined soul mate. Convinced he must be dead, she kept her fears to herself so as not to destroy the morale of the Outsiders who already live with a shaky prophecy as their only guide.
Dr. Jason Randall is a man used to getting what he wants. There has never been a problem he couldn't out think or a situation he wasn't capable of handling.

Now they are both hunted by not one but two demons as they lead the slowly forming group of Outsiders out of the darkness and back into the light. The two strong souls will have to decide if prophecy alone is enough reason to stay together through insane odds...or if love is their true fate.

My review:

I want more!  This is a middle book. You really should read Love Beyond Time (The Outsiders #1) before reading this.
Love Beyond Sanity has Charma (pronounced Karma but spelled with a ch) one of the more intriguing Outsiders finding the soul mate she thought was dead. Charma actually leaves home to do it!  Something that is really tough for her to do as there are so many clamoring for her help.  And where does she have to go? An insane asylum.  The interplay between Charma and Jason is a lot of fun.  Jason once he gets his head out of his ass looks to be a terrific character.  I think Charma will get his head on straight in no time.  I have a small problem with the ending (besides wanting it to go on) where did Eden go?  I know that Gabriel and Drew took off but did Eden?  Please hurry with the next book and the answers to all the new questions raised in this book.

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