Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling #11) by Nalini Singh

This fantastic read should NOT be read as a stand-alone.  At least read Kiss of Snow first.  I’m sure it could be but you would be missing out on a lot.  With each successive addition to this wonderful series Ms. Singh adds more threads to the intricate tapestry that is the world of the Psy-Changeling.  There is so much going on and there are so many characters that if you’ve not read the previous books you will probably feel a little lost.  And you should read the other books because they too are terrific.
In Tangle of Need the SnowDancer wolves and DarkRiver cats are dealing with the after effects of the Pure Psy attack that took place in Kiss of Snow.  Because of the attack wolves were brought in from all over including Indigo’s young aunt Adria.  When Adria and Riaz meet the chemistry is off the charts but neither are in a good place for a relationship.  Meanwhile the healers are trying to figure out what to do with Alice Eldridge to bring her out of her coma.  Did Henry survive Siennas cold fire?  Now that the world knows the Laurens survive what will Ming do?  Who is the Ghost.  Who will ultimately win the Arrows loyalty?  And most importantly how will the upcoming civil war and possible collapse of the Net effect all?  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was on my way to my TBR shelf when Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series reached out and grabbed me.  It screamed and hit me upside the head and asked why I hadn’t visited with Kate & Curran and company lately I said it was because I’ve been waiting for Andrea’s book.  That got me a scowl and another hit upside the head so I had to sit down and re-read the whole series.  Honest.  That finished, I am off to re-read Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh before I read Tangle of need. 

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amazing Grace by Eve Gaddy

A sweet love story.  Grace is the Sheriff of Hell. Texas that is.  She is a 31 year old virgin.  Max is a Texas Ranger sent in under cover to find out who is running illegal immigrants  through Hell.  Grace’s department is under suspicion.  Max rules out Grace in his own mind pretty quick but he needs to find proof.  This book deals with the mystery but even more it is about a persons capacity to love.  A thoroughly enjoyable quick read. 
The publisher provided me with this book for a fair and honest review, via Netgalley

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Bound Temptations by Shiloh Walker

This book has two stories about widows in it.  I loved one and hated one. 

 I loved this one.  It was fantastic!  Rocki is a big girl who lost her husband and rebuilt her life.  She runs her own lingerie store and designs specialty corsets.  When she first meets the handsome Cole he is in her shop with his fiancé.  There is instant attraction but he is taken and so off limits. 
I loved this story because of Rocki.  She has overcome adversity.  She has a sense of humor and an unconquerable sense of self. 
 This story started out okay.  Tania lost her husband to a car wreck.  His twin raped her and she killed him.  Now she wants to get her life back.  The problem is she likes rough sex and the only one she trusts to help her get that back is her husband’s best friend Drake.   
The Publisher included this warning for this story:
Warning: This book involves light bondage play, rape fantasy & role-playing. The acts between the hero & heroine are consensual, but they may not be ideal for all readers…
It was not for me.  I don’t mind some rough but this one crossed the line for me.  Especially since Tania is a rape victim. 

The publisher provided me with this book for a fair and honest review, via Netgalley

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Undercover Alliance by Lilly Cain

Lilly Cain is a “new to me” author.  I was glad to be offered this book by the publisher in return for a fair and honest review, via Netgalley. 
Sarina is Inarrrii.  The Inarrrii are a sexual humanoid alien.  They’ve got sexual nerves running throughout their bodies that appear on the skin like henna tattoos.  Sarina was injured and unable to come to completion sexually which is like a sentence to insanity for an Inarrrii.  John is a human who is working undercover to stop the threat to the Human/ Inarrrii alliance.  Sarina is assigned to protect John as he pretends to be a mid-level lawyer working on the treaty.  They discover that they work well together in and out of bed.  Sarina finds completion with John and that helps restore her self-esteem. 
Action, adventure and steamy sex.  What more could you ask for.

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Consent to Love by Abby Wood

Consent to Love is a story of growth.  Ana and Kane learn about each other and themselves.  Ana is a small town girl with a gift but no belief in herself.  Kane is a Lakota who has been the victim of prejudice and it has colored his view of himself and the world.  There is an instant connection between the two but real trust takes time.  I enjoyed watching Ana grow into her own. 
The publisher provided me with this book for a fair and honest review, via Netgalley

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My bookshelves are overflowing and I need followers to this blog.  I am not above a little bribery.  To that end I am holding a contest and offering some of the overflow from my bookshelves (NOTE: These books are used.  I've read them possibly more than once).  To enter you must be 18 or older and a follower of this blog.  All you have to do is leave a comment with an email address where I can let you know if you’ve won.  I am offering 3 sets of books.  Please let me know in order of preference which set you would like to win.  I will draw a name from all entrants on May 31st and inform the winners on June 1st.  

A: Decadent Master by Tawny Taylor, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Maggie Shayne, Felicity Stripped Bare by Vanessa Jaye 

B: The Devil Wears Plaid by Teresa Medeiros, Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways To Love Like You’re In A Romance Novel by Christie Craig, Faye Hughes, The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell by Samantha James 

C: Kushiel: Phèdre's Trilogy (Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen, Kushiel’s Avatar)
In this epic fantasy series, step into the land of Terre d'Ange, a place of unsurpassed beauty and grace. The inhabiting race rose from the seed of angels and men, and they live by one simple rule: Love as thou wilt.  (Warning: A fabulous trilogy but Not for the faint at heart)

Play It Again, Charlie by R. Cooper

Book description:

After an accident left him broken in body and spirit, Charlie Howard retired from the police force to teach at a community college. Life has taught him that he’s unlikely to get what he wants, so he’s stopped asking. Instead, he hides from the world in the apartment complex he manages. After all, no one can leave him if he doesn’t let anyone in.

Will, a sexy, classic-film-loving twink, moves into the apartment across from him and—to Charlie’s surprise—makes it clear that he’d like nothing more than to hole up with Charlie and get kinky. Will has no problem expressing what he wants in bed or out of it, but he’s never dated anyone long-term, and Charlie isn’t sure Will’s ready for anything serious.

Charlie is a serious kind of guy. He wants Will and everything a relationship could mean, even if he doesn’t have any experience in that scene—even if that makes him vulnerable. As they grow closer, Charlie realizes that it’s time to start asking for what he wants, and if he wants to be happy, he’ll have to risk everything and ask Will to stay.

My thoughts:
This sweet love story took some time for me to get into it but by the end I was totally into it.  I may have lost some of it through my lack of knowledge about classic films and there were a lot of cultural references I could only guess at.  But a love story is a love story and I enjoy a good one.  This qualifies.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run #5) by Abigail Roux

When anyone asks me to recommend a m/m book I tell them they need to read the Cut & Run series.  I absolutely love Ty & Zane.
In Armed & Dangerous Director Burns sends Zane to back up Ty on one of his “special ops”.  They are to pick up CIA assassin Julian Cross because he can identify the person in the CIA who has been using their assassins for personal gain.  Julian has been living off the grid with his lover Cameron.  Ty and Zane bring Cameron along to keep Julian compliant.  The CIA wants Julian so he can identify the “guy”.  The “guy” wants Julian dead and Ty and Zane just want to get out of it alive.  
I like many who have followed and enjoyed Ty and Zanes escapades wondered how the series was going to be now that Ms. Urban had retired.  Abigail Roux did an outstanding job with Armed & Dangerous.  The guys still have the mix of heat and snark we all love.  I recommend you read all the previous Cut & Run books before this one.  You could probably read it stand-alone but you’ll understand it better if you read the earlier ones.  You might also want to read Warrior’s Cross by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux to get to know Julian and Cameron better.

Possession (A Little Harmless Military Romance #2) by Melissa Schroeder

Everybody knows a couple that can’t stay broken up.  They love each other but can’t seem to make it work.  Deke and Samantha are that couple.  They were married but found that while explosive passion in the bedroom is a great thing passionate explosions outside the bedroom - not so good.  Older and a little wiser they meet again when Deke attends a wedding in Hawaii.  Deke is a Navy Seal and being married to a military man isn’t easy (I know that from personal experience).  Sam is a military brat who was scarred by her parents less than successful marriage.  After hooking up at the wedding Deke has to head back stateside but puts in for an assignment in Hawaii to be better in position to win back the only woman for him.  Can Samantha and he put the past behind them and forge a new future?

This was an incredibly quick read.  I read it in one sitting and then read it again.  Having been a military brat Melissa Schroeder speaks from having been there.  Having been in the military and a military wife this book hit close to home.  Possession is another wonderful addition to Ms. Schoeders’ world of sexy alpha men and the women who rock their world.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inside Heat by Roz Lee

Sweet ménage.  Pediatric nurse Megan takes the day off to go to the ball field to get an autograph for a sick little boy.  He didn’t bother to tell her that Jeff “The Terminator” Holder was smokin’ hot and a twin.  She waits with all the other anxious kids to get her autograph and when she does its accompanied by an invitation to dine.  She can’t give that to the sick little boy so she meets with Jeff to give him a piece of her mind and get another autograph for the little boy.  Jeff is intrigued by the passionate nurse and makes it right.  He goes one better when he and his twin Jason (also a ballplayer) show up at the hospital the next day and visit with the sick kids.  Megan works too hard and hasn’t had much time for a social life.  Jeff does it for her. The twins are fascinated that Megan can always tell them apart.  They proposition her with joining them both in bed and she figures it is better that way than doing without so she goes for it and the sex is fabulous.  They guys push for long term and then things get sticky.  Jealousy and lack of communication abound before the HEA.  m/f/m.
I look forward to the next installment.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Timeless Bride by Gwyn Cready

A time-travel romance.  If you combine the best of contemporary and historical romance you get a Gwen Cready book. 

The local Carnegie library is having funding issues (and really who today isn’t).  In an attempt to find something she can sell to help; librarian Panna Kennedy finds a doorway to 1706 on the Scots English border where she gets involved with the handsome Captain Bridgewater. 
If you like dashing men in uniform (even if they are red) and a romp through history with a spunky librarian trying to save the day you will adore this book. 

An aside here: I loved the scene where Panna is trying to explain that sex has changed over the last 300 years.  Well played Capt. Bridgewater.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let Me In by Callie Croix

Even better than No Holds Barred!
Liam (Nathans friend) from No Holds Barred gets his girl in Let Me In but it isn’t easy.  Marine lieutenant Talia has had the hots for former marine Liam her best friend Angie’s brother since they met.  He’d hit on her but she’d turned him down and for two years they’ve been just friends.  But that hasn’t stopped them from wanting.  Home on leave Liam and Angie pick Talia up from the airport.  They’ve invited her to stay with their folks but Talia has issues and chooses to stay at a hotel.  When Liam drives her to the hotel he becomes better acquainted with some of her issues.  For a confident, in charge, white knight type Liam has a hard time breaching the walls of the fortress Talia has built around her heart.  But when he does it is incendiary.  Again, I like that Ms. Croix has her female characters think about the consequences of their actions.  Whether their fears are real or not… they think before they act.  

No Holds Barred - by Callie Croix

 Short, hot read.  Nathan loves his fiancé Cait and would do anything for her.  He knows she has fantasized about a threesome and he wants to make it happen for her.  He asks his buddy Liam to help make it happen.  I loved the fact that Cait considered the consequences to all the relationships before giving into her lust.  I liked her much better for it and I loved that it was instigator Nathan that ended up having to do the gut check.   

Sunday, May 13, 2012

At Last (Lucky Harbor #5) by Jill Shalvis

The 2nd of the Chocoholics of Lucky Harbor is the story of “tough girl” Amy and Ranger “hot buns” Matt.  I love this series and this book was as enjoyable as the rest if a little darker.  Amy, waitress at the Eat Me Diner, is following a journey of discovery her grandmother made years before.  The trek takes her into the mountains surrounding Lucky Harbor and into Ranger Matt’s territory.  Matt has been drawn to Amy from the first day he met her.  Amy is convinced she doesn’t know how to love and Matt is convinced that he sucks at it.  Lucky Harbor’s magic is in its community and the brownies aren’t bad either.
Ms. Shalvis has another winner in At Last.  I really enjoy my visits to Lucky Harbor and anxiously await the next tale with Chocoholic Grace and the sexy Dr. Josh.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Hoale Lot of Trouble by Declan Sands

Gay construction company owner with the unfortunate name of Adam Hoale (pronounced hole) is struggling like everyone else in this economy.  He’s just bought a house to flip and discovered a hand buried in the wall.  Until the cops clear up the mystery he can’t get in to do any work and is losing money.  He needs to be proactive so he and his dog Walter are on the case. 
This is a terrific mystery with lots of twists and turns and some wonderfully spicy m/m love scenes.  This is the first in a series and I hope we get to see Adam and Dirk’s relationship grow.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty by Laurell K. Hamilton, All I Want by Lynsay Sands, Slow Burn by E.B. Walters, Trust in Me by Beth Cornelison, Pull the Trigger (Seduction in Memory Grove, #1), Mount Up (Seduction in Memory Grove, #2), Feed the Fire (Seduction in Memory Grove, #3) by Melissa Ecker

Beauty by Laurell K. Hamilton, All I Want by Lynsay Sands,  Slow Burn by E.B. Walters, Trust in Me by Beth Cornelison, Pull the Trigger (Seduction in Memory Grove, #1), Mount Up (Seduction in Memory Grove, #2), Feed the Fire (Seduction in Memory Grove, #3) by Melissa Ecker

It was raining and I had some time on my hands so I caught up on some of my e-books TBR.

Beauty by Laurell K. Hamilton – a short out-take from an Anita Blake book.  Basically just a sex scene in the tub with Jean Claude and Asher. Fun but I’m not sure it was worth $3.

All I Want by Lynsay Sands – A sweet, funny historical.  Lady Prudence wants to grant her mothers Christmas wish by convincing her dad to quit drinking and gambling so they don’t end up in debtors prison by the new year.  While a romance Ms. Sands doesn’t shy from the troubling reality of addiction. 

Slow Burn by E.B. Walters – Romantic suspense.  The mystery was great.  The romance was a little confusing.  But all in all a good read from a new to me author.  I will be checking out Ms. Walters backlist.

Trust in Me by Beth Cornelison – A sweet contemporary. Claire Albritton is trying to find herself.  At 24 she is tired of allowing her wealthy Daddy to dictate her life.   She flees to where she was happiest, her grandmothers’ hometown.  She manages to get a job as a cashier at the local hardware store where she meets Kevin Fuller.  Kevin lost his dad in Iraq.  His mother was a hippie.  He has always been the “responsible one”.  He is trying to go to school, pay off his mothers hospital bills and run the hardware store.  Kevin was incredibly sweet without being a wuss.  I fell in love with him right along with Claire.

Pull the Trigger – Rebecca Harper is a recent divorce’.  She needs to start over.  She is headed out of town in two weeks when she runs into her high school crush now Detective Justin Cain.  He has only those two weeks to convince her she needs to stay with him.
Mount Up - Dr. Natalie Shea moved to Arkansas to get out of the big city and to be near her grandmother in Memory Grove.  She never counted on the heat generated by rodeo star and local legend Luke Reilly.  Can the bad boy win the heart of the good girl?
Feed the Fire – In my opinion the best of the Memory Grove books.  Olivia Andrews is coming home to Memory Grove not only for Rebecca and Justins wedding but to escape her abusive relationship.  She is not prepared for the heat between her and firefighter Cade Reilly (Luke’s brother).  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rant - Slave To Love by Nikita Black

Sometimes I go for a few days without posting.  Sometimes it is because life has interfered with my escapism and sometimes it is because I don’t have anything to say about a book for instance I just finished Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz.  It was a fun read but if you’ve read any of the Arcane series books you’ve read this.  You still buy them and read them because they are fun but there is really nothing new to say.  Sometimes I don’t post because I don’t like to pan the books I’ve read.  I am going to make an exception to that today with Slave To Love by Nikita Black.

With all the hoopla surrounding the 50 Shades trilogy BDSM books are coming out of the woodwork.  If you want to read good BDSM erotica find something by Joey W. Hill, Desiree Holt, Cerise DeLand or Madeline Oh.  There are a lot of really good authors out there. 

I’ve not read anything else by Nikita Black but one of my authors had been pushing Slave To Love and it was free on Amazon. 
The plot – There is a serial killer on the loose.  The only thing tying the victims together is a fetish club.  Detective Michael "Mick" McGraw  aka “The Iceman” is lead investigator.  He has a troubled past and so does Special Investigations Officer, Caroline Palmer who Mick taps to help him go undercover. 
The mystery was solid.  The relationship between these two left me cold.  The violence may have been consensual but did nothing for me. 
My advice pass this one by there is a lot better out there.

Monday, May 7, 2012

In the Company of Witches (Arcane Shot #2) by Joey W. Hill

If Something About Witches (Arcane Shot #1) was about redemption then In the Company of Witches is about balance.  Light and Dark.  Too much of one or the other for too long can be detrimental even fatal. 
In the first book we got to know Derek a light guardian.  In this book we get to know Mikhael a dark guardian and find that the goal isn’t too different for them though they do tend to go about getting there differently.  And then there is the interaction between Mikhael and Raina a ½ human/ ½ succubus witch.  Oh my!  Hot and caring and so not the relationship that Mikhael had with Ruby in the first book.  I love that Raina has the squickies knowing that Mikhael and Ruby had some kind of thing before. 
I look forward to Ramona’s story.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12) by Charlaine Harris

I couldn’t put it down!  Poor Sookie.  What a rollercoaster ride her life is.

The underlying theme for this book is trust.  Eric is being framed (or is he) for the dead girl on his front yard.  The one Sookie found him snacking on in her room.  What is J.B. DuRone doing shaking his stuff at Hooligans when his wife is about to pop with their twins and why didn’t he tell her?  What exactly is Danny doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday and why doesn’t he tell Kennedy?  And Jannalynn has to get over her jealousy thinking there is something going on between Sam and Sookie. 
We do find out what happened to Mr. Cataliades and Diantha. Quinn checks in. We find out who cursed Dermot. Terry gets a girlfriend.  But questions still linger.  Will Felipe de Castro punish Eric for Victors’ death even though he doesn’t really mind?  Will Eric choose becoming Queen Freydas’ consort over Sookie? Will Sookie ever get through a book without a dead body on her kitchen floor?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kiss of Pride (Deadly Angels #1) by Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill writes about Vikings.  Usually historical romances. So when she chose to write a PNR it had to have Vikings right? 

Kiss of Pride tells the story of Vikar Sigurdsson.   He and his brothers are being punished as they’ve each been singularly attached to one of the seven deadly sins.  For Vikar it is pride.  As punishment they’ve been turned into vangels (vampire/angels) to do good and to fight Lucifer's vampires (lucipires) whose goal was to collect the souls of sinners before they had a change to repent. 
Alexandra Kelly is a reporter who has lost her faith.  Her estranged husband and her daughter were killed by cartel mobsters and she is angry.  She is considering mortal revenge against those that killed her daughter which makes her ripe for reaping by the lucipires.  Archangel Michael thinks she can be saved and arranges for her to meet Vikar. 

I think this series is very ambitious and if anyone can pull it off Ms. Hill can.  I enjoyed the book but as with every first book in a series there is a lot of world building which in this case is so convoluted as to be distracting.  I had the same problem with Gena Showalters Lords of the Underworld series but came to love them all.  I will definitely be checking out the next installment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anya Bast Contest

Anya Bast is having a giveaway to celebrate the release of her latest Embrace of The Damned which I've purchased but not yet read.  I am a fan of both her Enchantment and Elemental Witches series and am anxious to give this new series a try.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Harmless Fascination (Harmless 7) by Melissa Schroeder

We meet security expert Conner Dillon in a hospital suffering from chest pain.  Conner is in his late 30’s.  He is a former FBI agent now building a security company with his best friend Zeke.  He is a total workaholic.  The doctor orders a month off and Connors’ sister convinces him to go to Hawaii where he can learn to relax and stay in the apartment her former college roomie rents out. 
Jillian is an erotic author with family issues.  With her braids, tattoos and piercings she looks like the opposite of uptight, bossy Connor.  But in reality she has just as much stress in her life.  Attitude is everything.
Connor isn’t happy to be on forced vacation but when he sees Jillian he thinks it might not be so bad after all.  Jillian has had a crush on Connor since college.  After scratching the itch they find once is not enough.  Top it off with a threat to Jillian and Hawaii gets even hotter.

I get a kick out of this series.  I was tickled to catch up with several of the characters of the previous books in this one.  Connor is a Dom but he is also really bossy.  It is done with a good heart but he is bossy anyway.  It is going to take someone as well centered as Jillian to put up with and deal with him.  I really liked Jillian.  I think it would take someone with history, like Connor, to help her get over her trust issues.  This is a well thought out, romantic, suspenseful, smoking hot read.