Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inside Heat by Roz Lee

Sweet ménage.  Pediatric nurse Megan takes the day off to go to the ball field to get an autograph for a sick little boy.  He didn’t bother to tell her that Jeff “The Terminator” Holder was smokin’ hot and a twin.  She waits with all the other anxious kids to get her autograph and when she does its accompanied by an invitation to dine.  She can’t give that to the sick little boy so she meets with Jeff to give him a piece of her mind and get another autograph for the little boy.  Jeff is intrigued by the passionate nurse and makes it right.  He goes one better when he and his twin Jason (also a ballplayer) show up at the hospital the next day and visit with the sick kids.  Megan works too hard and hasn’t had much time for a social life.  Jeff does it for her. The twins are fascinated that Megan can always tell them apart.  They proposition her with joining them both in bed and she figures it is better that way than doing without so she goes for it and the sex is fabulous.  They guys push for long term and then things get sticky.  Jealousy and lack of communication abound before the HEA.  m/f/m.
I look forward to the next installment.

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