Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Harmless Fascination (Harmless 7) by Melissa Schroeder

We meet security expert Conner Dillon in a hospital suffering from chest pain.  Conner is in his late 30’s.  He is a former FBI agent now building a security company with his best friend Zeke.  He is a total workaholic.  The doctor orders a month off and Connors’ sister convinces him to go to Hawaii where he can learn to relax and stay in the apartment her former college roomie rents out. 
Jillian is an erotic author with family issues.  With her braids, tattoos and piercings she looks like the opposite of uptight, bossy Connor.  But in reality she has just as much stress in her life.  Attitude is everything.
Connor isn’t happy to be on forced vacation but when he sees Jillian he thinks it might not be so bad after all.  Jillian has had a crush on Connor since college.  After scratching the itch they find once is not enough.  Top it off with a threat to Jillian and Hawaii gets even hotter.

I get a kick out of this series.  I was tickled to catch up with several of the characters of the previous books in this one.  Connor is a Dom but he is also really bossy.  It is done with a good heart but he is bossy anyway.  It is going to take someone as well centered as Jillian to put up with and deal with him.  I really liked Jillian.  I think it would take someone with history, like Connor, to help her get over her trust issues.  This is a well thought out, romantic, suspenseful, smoking hot read.  

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