Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let Me In by Callie Croix

Even better than No Holds Barred!
Liam (Nathans friend) from No Holds Barred gets his girl in Let Me In but it isn’t easy.  Marine lieutenant Talia has had the hots for former marine Liam her best friend Angie’s brother since they met.  He’d hit on her but she’d turned him down and for two years they’ve been just friends.  But that hasn’t stopped them from wanting.  Home on leave Liam and Angie pick Talia up from the airport.  They’ve invited her to stay with their folks but Talia has issues and chooses to stay at a hotel.  When Liam drives her to the hotel he becomes better acquainted with some of her issues.  For a confident, in charge, white knight type Liam has a hard time breaching the walls of the fortress Talia has built around her heart.  But when he does it is incendiary.  Again, I like that Ms. Croix has her female characters think about the consequences of their actions.  Whether their fears are real or not… they think before they act.  

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