Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seduction in Silver: A Flirting to Win Novella by Natalie Anderson

Nina Breslin figures the sexy man she meets on the Baker Street Tube is eons out of her league. Dr. Eduardo Ruiz needs a break from the heart-breaking reality of his job. And when he finally introduces himself to Nina, they agree to an outrageous plan. Can they play by their own rules, or will they succumb to the pull of seduction?
This is a quick sweet, sexy romance.  Nina is getting over her ex and the self-esteem issues that breakup engendered.  Eduardo is convinced he isn't relationship material.  The attraction is immediate and has more to do with joy than sex although that comes in to play fairly quickly too.  I loved watching these two come together and realize that they were worthy of love and each other. 

I received a copy from Entangled Publishing Indulgence for a fair and honest review.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Werewolf in Alaska (Wild About You #5) by Vicki Lewis Thompson

What happens when lone wolf Jake Hunter founder of WARM (Werewolves Against Random Mating) finds himself attracted to a human?  He resists and avoids her – mostly – until she is threatened by a mama bear who thinks she is threatening her cub.  Jake leaps in and saves her but is hurt in the process.  Thus starting a train of events that lead to them getting much closer.  But she can’t be his mate.  Can she?

On the surface these books are fun paranormal romances but underneath they deal with some very heavy issues of bigotry and intolerance.  This one brings it a little closer to the surface.  This is an incredible read and I recommend it for everybody.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dedicated Ink (Inked in the Steel City #3) by Ranae Rose

Two months after a one night stand Abby discovers she is pregnant. She doesn't expect to ever see the guy again. When he shows up in Hot Ink for a tattoo it isn't by accident. He can’t stop thinking about the night they shared. But is he ready to be a father? 

This story was by turns sweet, scary, funny, sad and oh so sexy. These two veritable strangers brought together by a night of passion and its consequence working together to make the best of things. This book can be read stand-alone but the others are so good you need to read them too. Besides there are a few inside jokes you might not get if you hadn't read at least Innocent Ink.

I’d like to thank the author for giving me an ARC to read for a fair and honest review. I really enjoyed this book.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Strings Of Glass (A Sydney Rye Series #4) by Emily Kimelman

When is peace a bad thing?  Sydney is hanging out in India with her computer geek boyfriend Dan and her faithful companion Blue.  Mulberry wants her to work for him but as he is still associated with Bobby Maxim and she has grown fond of breathing she passes.  When she and Blue are attacked by a pack of wild dogs Sydney is reminded of the kick of surviving a good fight.  So it is inevitable that she and Dan have a disagreement that sends her storming off in a huff.  Trouble seems to find Sydney whether she is looking for it or not.  This time it comes in the form of a reporter doing a story on a pedophile who is buying and abusing children with impunity.   Now this is a fight she can get behind.  But does wanting/needing the fight make her just as bad as those she fights?

This is a smart sexy addition to the Sydney Rye Series. It starts out a little slow but with each page the action adventure picks up until you are reaching for the brakes.  It could probably be read stand-alone but I think you will get much more out of it if you read the previous books.  With each new mystery this series gets better and better.  And with the bombshell dropped at the end of this book the next should be explosive. 

I received and ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This book releases on August 1st

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love, Technically by Lynne Silver

When you work hard and finally succeed you are forced to consider the motives of the folks you meet.  That is the position billionaire CEO and computer whiz Noah Frellish finds himself in.  When new employee and country girl, Michelle Kolson meets Noah for the first time she thinks he is just a cute gut from IT support.  Noah introduces himself by his gaming name of Sark and is tickled that Michelle seems to like him for himself.  He knows he ought to clear up the misconception but is afraid she won’t want to see him if he does.  Can the big city nerd convince the country mouse to give him a chance?
As a former IT specialist I love it when the nerd is the good guy and when authors realized that nerds can be sexy.  Noah certainly is.  This is a fun read with a country girl who is stronger than she knows and a sexy nerd who learns that not everything can be coded.   If you want a sweet, funny read this is well worth the time.
I received an Arc from the publisher via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.

This book goes on sale July 29th.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Harmless Ride (Harmless #9) by Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Australian cowboy in Hawaii.  How can you go wrong? 
Former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Elias St. John has lost the only family he has ever known American Joe Kaheaku.  When he got out of service he went to work for Joe on his ranch in Hawaii.  Now at the reading of the will he finds that Joe didn't leave him the ranch as promised, well not all of it anyway.  He will have to share it with Joe’s niece, Crysta, for six months before he can buy it from her.  Which comes as a surprise to everyone.  Eli isn't the only one who thought they would inherit the ranch.  Joe’s brother and nephew own a much smaller ranch bordering Joe’s.  They make it clear that they don’t approve of Joe’s will, Crysta or pretty much anything but how far are they willing to go to get the ranch?  Eli (the Delicious Dom) is knocked out by Crysta she is gorgeous, smart, and submissive but getting involved would be a mistake wouldn't it?

It was wonderful seeing the cocky, charismatic, cowboy Dom fall.  Eli has been one of my favorite secondary characters and I was tickled to see him finally get his lady.  Ms. Schroeder’s love for the islands comes through in all the books but I especially felt it in this story. 

Dancing with the Devil (Nikki & Michael #1) by Keri Arthur

Nikki James is a Private Investigator with a little something extra. She has psychic gifts that help her do her job. But when she comes up against an evil that has been killing girls in her town she needs help. Michael is a vampire and a vampire hunter who has been sent to protect Nikki and when he finds out that the evil she is fighting is a vampire he has sworn to destroy it puts Nikki in even more danger. Not to mention the danger to her heart.
Keri Arthur does great PNR and vampires and this is no exception. Nikki is a strong woman who is afraid to love and Michael has a serious case of vampire angst but you have to figure they get over it somewhere in the next three books. I look forward to seeing it happen.

I’d like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review.

This title will be re-released on July 30, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Luck of the Dragon by Susannah Scott

Jewels and dragons go hand in claw right? Lucy’s twin brother is in trouble with the MOB and they want Lucy, a gemologist, to help them steal jewels from the “King of Las Vegas” Alec Gerald. Alec is a shape shifting dragon who has just opened the Crown Jewel Casino as a place for his dragons to hide in plain sight. When Alec and Lucy meet the attraction is instantaneous and when they kiss it is off the charts. But Lucy doesn't trust easily and Alec has secrets too. Can the dragon and the jewel thief put aside their differences long enough to fall in love?

This is a fun romp through Las Vegas. Filled with romance, mystery, bright lights and danger this is a story that delights the senses. 

I was delighted to receive a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Hot Knight by Christy Gissendaner

Men are dogs right?  For Yves Sucat it really was true.  900 years ago as a Crusader he saved a young woman from being savaged by several men and for that he was cursed to be a dog.  The young woman he saved was able to give him a partial out from the curse but it has taken this long for him to meet someone that made it work. Regina Patterson owns a pet salon and gets along better with dogs than people.  When she comes across the St. Bernard in the park she takes him in and gives him a bath and some food.  He shows her to a jeweled collar that when she puts it on him he turns into a tall gorgeous man.  Can Yves convince Regina to help him break the curse or will he spend eternity as a dog?

This story had a cute premise and I really liked Regina.  This is a good contemporary fairy tale. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Law of Attraction by N.M. Silber

I am still laughing at the hilarious antics that rule this story of lawyer love by new to me author N.M. Silber.  The Law of Attraction tells the story of a prosecutor Braden and a public defender Gabrielle who have been meeting across the courtroom for six months.  He is a bit of a player and she isn't.  The attraction is there but she informs him that she wants more than “...a one nighter with a meal plan.”  Braden meets her challenge and they start to date. But someone isn't happy about that and starts sending threatening notes to Gabrielle.  Can their fledgling relationship withstand the heat of their attraction, the craziness of the courts system, interfering friends and nutso relatives? 

This book is laugh out loud funny.  Fans of Janet Evanovich will get a kick out of this book.  There is sweetness and steam and a whole lot of I Love Lucy moments.  I cannot wait for the conclusion in The Home Court Advantage. 

I would very much like to thank the author and publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! by Candace Havens

Ainsley McLeon is running from trouble of the life threatening kind and where better for a girl from Beverly Hills to hide out than in the wilds of Montana.  Nobody in their right minds would think she would head there.  Let’s just say that Ainsley is not your outdoorsy type and leave it at that.  When events land her cold, hungry and stranded on the doorstep of the Cub Club Ainsley is immediately distracted by the big bear of a man that owns it.  Luc is always grumpy in the winter and having Ainsley show up hungry and hurting isn't something he wants to deal with.  But she smells so good and he can hardly turn down a lady in distress.  As their association grows so do their feelings for one another but they both have issues in their pasts that conspire to keep them apart.  Can they overcome their issues and find love or will events conspire to keep them apart?
Candace Havens sucks you into her world of reclusive shifters, mystery and mayhem with a sweet sense of humor and a dash of spice.  This is a story that once you pick it up you won’t want to put down. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding (Demon Slayer #5) by Angie Fox

Welcome back to the wild and wacky world of Demon Slayer Lizzie Brown her talking dog Pirate and band of biker witches.  Lizzie and the extremely fine shape-shifting griffin Dimitri Kallinikos are getting married.  Unfortunately her job isn't something she can schedule trouble seems to find her wherever she goes.  But no ghosts, pissed off demons, paranormal accidents, or crazy future in-laws are going to keep her from marrying the man she loves.
Angie Fox is a unique voice in an overcrowded genre.   She has created a fantastic world and filled it with all sorts of inimitable characters.  Each story is filled with hilarious dialogue and fun-filled adventure.  This latest entry lives up to its predecessors and may even surpass them.  I missed Lizzie and her gang and was glad to see them again.  I do hope Ms. Fox has plans for us to visit again.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen

Wonderful story by new to me author Lorenda Christensen.  Ms. Christensen has built a post WWIII world where dragons are real and humans are not at the top of the food chain anymore.  There are humans that can speak with Dragons and most of them work for DRACIM (Dragon Relations, Arbitration, and Cooperative Interspecies Mediation) basically acting as go betweens between Dragons and Humans. Myrna is a dragonspeaker and would be in a higher position at her job but for the actions of an old flame who has just shown up in her office.  She would love to kick him out but he works for a powerful dragon lord who needs her help to avert a war between rivals.  Can she work with a man who has more secrets than the CIA and who broke her heart?  She must to save the country from the fall out of a Dragon war but she doesn't have to like it.
This is a fantastic story with characters you’ll love and plot twists galore.  I’d like to thank Carina Press and NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

This book goes on sale July 22nd

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #22) by Laurell K. Hamilton

In Affliction Anita gets a call from Micah’s mom informing him that his father has been bitten by a flesh eating zombie and it doesn't look like he is going to make it.  Micah has been estranged from his family for 10 years but Anita knows about regrets and promises to get Micah there in time.  Anita is the zombie expert and as such she is hit up by local law enforcement to help find out why the zombies in their town are different.  When things get really tough her buddy and fellow Marshall Ted Forester comes to town to help out.  It will tall all their skill and accumulated knowledge to win this one.
Laurell K. Hamilton’s stories are like a walk in the woods at night; both beautiful and scary.  This one is no different.  There are pulse pounding moments of terror followed by laughter and relief followed by moments of love and sensuality.  This one is for the fans.

***********SPOILER ALERT*************

I've read almost everything put out by Ms. Hamilton (there is a Star Trek book I haven’t read).  I've enjoyed most everything she has written.  Her sex scenes for the most part have purpose in the story line and Anita, Merry and their respective partners have gotten pretty kinky and not always for the metaphysics.  It hasn't squicked me out, well except for the beastman form of Nathaniel & Jason that one time but they are fantasy and lovable so it really didn't bother me.  Anita hit a hard limit for me in this book.  I am so freaked out by breath play I can’t begin to tell you.  I know it is just a story and fantasy but brrrrr NO!   

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Wedding Gamble by Cindi Myers

Check your brain at the door and have fun with this “what happens in Vegas” story.  Preschool teacher and all around good girl Laura Nichols is in Las Vegas with her younger, prettier, “perfect” sister and her sisters friends doing a bachelorette party week before her sister gets married. This is so not her thing but she goes along to get along. She gets separated from her sister and friends and somehow ends up in the arms of hunky FBI agent David Abruzzo who needs someone to marry him, quickly, in an effort to fool the mafia goons following him that he came to Vegas for reasons other than what they think.  Feeling tipsy and a little low Laura agrees and then the fun begins.
This is an unlikely romp but oh so much fun.  Running all over Vegas with a hot FBI undercover agent, going under the covers with the same, it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt.  I got a kick out of this and think you will too.

I received a copy from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer's Road by Kelly Moran

Sweet contemporary friends to lovers.
Blurb (copied from Goodreads):
After her father’s death, Summer Quinn realizes just how alone she feels in the world. With no family to fill her life now, she finds comfort among friends, but yearns for true love, contentment, and family. When her boyfriend, Matt, suggests they raise their relationship to a higher level, Summer jumps at the chance to get everything she’s always wanted. Only, she doesn't expect the heat arising between her and her best friend, Ian – a man who never seems to settle down. A man the complete opposite of what she’s looking for. But when her estranged mother reappears after twenty-eight years, Summer’s world completely flips upside down. As secrets from her family’s past and Ian’s true feelings for her emerge, Summer’s now faced with choices she’s not sure she can make. The rest of her life’s happiness hinges on her confronting a past she’d rather deny and legitimately opening her heart to love, even if it’s not where she expected to find it.

This is an incredible story.  At times sweet and shy and others gut-wrenching and painful.  I appreciated the way that we got the background information necessary to understand why Summer is the way she is.  The characters are so well written you feel as if you've known them their entire lives.  Ms. Moran takes no shortcuts and you are with Summer, Ian & Matt for the entire process. Break out the tissues and prepare to laugh and cry I know I did.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review and any time she wants to give me another I’ll not turn it down.  Now to go check out her backlist.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Diamonds and Spurs (The Callens #9) by Melody Snow Monroe

Contemporary Cowboy Ménage Romance  M/F/M
Mandy is freshly divorced and on the run from her ex when she lands a job in Intrigue, Wyoming.  She quickly finds out that the ratio of men to women means that a woman having two husbands is not unusual so when Vince and Cam start courting her she knows they mean to share her.  But first they have to keep her safe from her ex and theirs.
 I haven’t read the rest of this series but it did pretty well as a stand-alone.  The sex scenes while erotic sometimes felt like they were place fillers… so many words bam sex scene more words… you get my drift.  The story was good but I felt like sometime there was a sex scene just for the sake of a sex scene and not having anything to do with furthering the story.  However it could just be me.  If you like smoking hot cowboys and damsels in distress burning up the kitchen, the bedroom and the fields of Intrigue, Wyoming this book is for you.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bonds of Desire (Wicked Play #3) by Lynda Aicher

Ménage m/m/f
Seth is a Dom and one of the owners of The Den a fetish club.  He has lusted for Lawyer Allison English ever since he saw her at The Den’s Mardi Gras party but she wasn't ready to give in to her fantasies then.  She comes back into his life when male escort Tyler is abused and hurt in the club.  Seth is bi and he lusts after Tyler also.  When taking care of Tyler they discover that there is a spark between the three of them that might just catch fire.
This is a terrific ménage tale.  The characters are real.  The issues they deal with are real.  Their fears and hopes are believable and you root for them right up till the end.  There is of course smoking hot sex mixed in with a riveting story if that is what you look for then this is the book for you.  This is the third in a series but can be read stand-alone.

I’d like to thank Carina Press and NetGalley for giving me an ARC to read and review.

This book goes on sale July 15th

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Like It Spicy (A Perfect Recipe Novel) by Robbie Terman

Ashton Grey’s restaurant Sweet Home doesn’t have much time before it goes under unless Ashton can make a name for herself.  What better way than as a contestant on a reality cooking show.  What she doesn’t count on is Celebrity Chef and show judge Ty Cates heating things up in the kitchen and the Wreck room and the bedroom and the woods.  Can Ashton keep her head, win the contest, save her restaurant, and maybe fall in love?
Fans of reality shows will get a kick out of this sweet and funny story.  Ashton and Ty steam up the pages and the supporting cast is icing on the cake.  Fans of the Rising Star Chef Series by Louisa Edwards are sure to get a kick out of Some Like It Spicy.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book will be released on July 15th 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Winning Season by Alison Packard

Baseball player Matt Scanlon has been on a tear.  The former MVP and good guy has been acting out all season and has just been traded to the SF Blaze the team he has always hated.  He just wants to put his problems behind him and start over.  Unfortunately one of the problems he has yet to put behind is the abysmal way he treated Blaze publicist Kelly Maxwell when they first met.  Kelly Has a job to do and butting heads with Matt isn't getting the job done.  If they can stop hating each other long enough they might actually fall in love.
We met Matt and Kelly in Love in the Afternoon.  Matt was hurting and taking it out on everyone.  Kelly has had problems with men in the past and is not as tough as she appears.  But when these two finally get together the healing begins.  Ms. Packard has a way of making you care about the characters and you want so very much to see them succeed.
I was thrilled to receive an ARC from the Carina Press and NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.

This book goes on sale July 15th

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marine With Benefits (Always A Marine #16) by Heather Long

IR Military Romance
Derek and Keith were best friends their whole lives.  They did everything together including joining the Marines.  Keith made Derek promise to take care of his little sister Kara if anything should happen to him.  The worst has happened and Keith won’t ever be coming home.  Kara is all grown up and working at Mike’s Place.  She has always had a crush on Derek but he has consistently shot her down.  It is time to move on with her life so she signs up with Madame Eve’s 1NS service to get over Derek so she can do just that.  Little does she know that Derek has done the same thing for pretty much the same reasons and is in fact her date.  It is time to put up or shut up. Will Derek’s promise to Keith keep him from the one woman he has always wanted but couldn't have?
Another short sexy 1NS addition to the Always A Marine series.  Friends to lovers with a twist.  Ms. Long just keeps them coming.   This is well worth the read.  

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for fair and honest review.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dishing Up Desire by Barbara DeLeo

Sweet contemporary romance
Celebrity chef Kirin Hart needs an image makeover.  Her life has been in turmoil since her husband and ½ of the cooking team died and recently she was sued for sexual harassment by a younger male employee.  Image consultant Blake Matthews takes one look at her and knows that this may be his toughest challenge to date.  Change is hard but not changing could cost them everything.
Kirin Hart started out poor, married young and is a little naïve when it comes to the image machine of celebrity.  Blake Matthews is a former model who has been a part of the machine since his teens and has hardened his heart to protect it or the machine will suck it out of you.  I don’t think he was anymore prepared for Kirin than she was for him.  This book starts out a little slow but picks up speed and you are exhilarated by the end. 

Copy provided by the publisher for a fair and honest review.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Caught in the Moment (Freefall #1) by Brandy Walker

One moment in high school can change the course of your life.  Laurel hides behind the lens of her camera taking pictures for the yearbook.  It is the only way she can get close to football hottie and major crush Quinton Ferris.  When he embarrasses her in front of the cheerleaders and they put her through hell for the rest of her senior year Laurel uses that event to force herself to step out from behind the camera every once in a while and start living.  Now ten years later Laurel is a freelance photographer taking pictures for a book.  The location is at a local sky diving school run by none other than Quinton Ferris and his twin brothers.  Quinton hasn't forgotten the incident either and when he figures out that the cute photographer is the “Camera Girl” from high school he hopes that she will forgive him for being the jerk then and give him the opportunity to get to know the guy he is now.

This is a sweet second chance romance with just a touch of spice.  Everybody has that moment in high school that they’d love to forget.  I like that Laurel took a negative and turned it into a positive.  Laurel is sweet, a little naive, smart, talented and strong.  You have to love a character like her.  Quinton is strong, sexy and confident and not above admitting he was wrong.  In other words the perfect guy.  I look forward to reading more from this author. 

I received an advanced readers copy in return for a fair and honest review.

This book is scheduled to go on sale July 9th

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnate's Mistress (LodeStar, #1) by Cathryn Cade

Blurb: (Copied from Goodreads)

Can she survive the perils of the galaxy on her wits … or will she have to use her body?

Kiri te Nawa will do anything to escape the perilous streets of New Seattle, Earth II and find the treasure for which she searches the galaxy, even become the mistress of space magnate Logan Stark. But is he her savior, or simply the man who wants to own her sexually?

Just when she is ready to submit more than her body to this powerful, magnetic man, she's kidnapped and thrown into her worst nightmare. Will he search for her, or believe she's betrayed him with an old lover?

Set in the futuristic galaxy of The Orion Series.

My Review:

I became familiar with author Cathryn Cade through her Hawaiian Heroes series which I adore.  Where the Hawaiian Heroes series is sensual this series judging from this book looks to be much more erotic.  I haven’t (yet) read the Orion series but if it is anything like this book I need to check it out.  Ms. Cade writes great characters.  I LOVED Kiri.  She is a strong young woman who could have been beaten down by life’s misfortunes but instead has made it her goal to succeed.  Logan Stark has been where Kiri is and come out the other side and on top.  He has some redeeming qualities but every time I started to warm up to him he did something that made me want to punch him out.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Cade has in store for us in the next installment.    

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tempted by Her Boss (The Renaldis #1) by Karen Erickson

Successful, powerful businessman and widower Matteo Renaldi had a bad marriage that left him with a bad taste for romance.  His wife died and left him with his precious son.  Now Matteo is on his own and needs a nanny to help him take care of Matty.  Paige Stewart is that nanny.  She was fired from her last position when her employer made unwanted advances toward her and was busted by his wife. She considers this job a lifesaver.  But now she finds herself falling for Matteo.  Matteo is entranced by his sons nanny but he is older and her employer.  She deserves someone who can love her and he has sworn off that particular emotion except with regards to his son.  Can Paige bring Matteo’s frozen heart back to life?

We met Paige, Matty and Matteo in the free prequel Temporary Arrangement.  This Cinderella story has some sexy twists and turns.  There were times I wanted to Gibbs slap both Paige and Matteo. His brothers too.  But by the time they get to their HEA I was laughing with glee.  Can’t wait to find out what is going on with Rafael and Vince.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Love in the Afternoon by Alison Packard

Actress Kayla Maxwell is shedding her slasher flick image by working on one of the hottest shows on daytime television and now her character is going to be paired with the role played but super sexy and talented Sean Barrett.  Kayla has sworn off dating actors after the humiliation she suffered from her ex.  The on screen chemistry between the two is off the charts and when Sean realizes that Kayla is about as real as you can get the chemistry off screen starts to sizzle as well.

This is a feel good contemporary romance that will suck you in and wrap you up till the end.  Characters you will laugh and cry with and ultimately fall in love with.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Famously Engaged by Robyn Thomas

A chef and a rock star. The rock stars sister is marrying the chef’s ex-husband.  He thinks the chef and her ex are too close and he doesn’t want his sister hurt.  He devises this outrageous plan to keep the ex away from the chef by claiming to be engaged to her. (ego much?)  He pushes his way into her life just as she has buried her mother (leaving her vulnerable).  What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love.  For her part she falls just as hard but will his lifestyle kill any chance for love to last?
This is a really sweet and fun story once you check your brain at the door and go with the flow.  A modern fairy tale.  Well worth the read. 

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BDSM and The Silver Chain (The Unbreakable Trilogy #1) by Primula Bond

People ask me why BDSM books are so popular right now.  It is my humble opinion that it is the exchange of power that is the attraction.  I’ll use male Dom woman sub as an example but it works for any dynamic.  Women are working outside of the home, taking care of the kids and the home, and are tired. They like the idea of letting someone else make decisions in the bedroom.  The Dom is portrayed as being very aware of the sub being the focus of that attention is attractive.  Also communication between the Dom and sub is essential so a woman could tell her man what she wants and needs and he cannot hold it against her because as a Dom he has demanded her truth. 

The Silver Chain (The Unbreakable Trilogy #1) by Primula Bond
(Caution some minor spoilers)
Young photographer Serena Folkes heads into London to get her start.  She runs into older entrepreneur Gustav Levi on Halloween while she is photographing kids in their costumes.  He invites her for a drink and she accidentally leaves her cameras at the bar forcing her to meet with him for their return.  As it turns out Gustav owns among other things an art gallery and he offers Serena a show in return she will be his exclusive companion until her photographs sell.
Serena agrees and to mark their agreement, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet to wear at all times. Attached to it is a silver chain of which he is the keeper. With the chain Gustav controls Serena physically and symbolically – a sign that she is under his power.  But they both have trust issues that a silver chain may not be strong enough to overcome.
This is advertised as for fans of 50 Shades and Sylvia Days Crossfire series and they may enjoy it.  I enjoyed this book but didn't see it especially as a BDSM book.  Yes, there are elements of it.  Gustav has control issues and tries to turn it into a D/s relationship but although Serena wants to please and has a masochistic streak she doesn't strike me as especially submissive.  This story is at its core the tale of two very lonely people with trust issues.  I got a kick out of watching Serena grow and bloom and look forward to the next installment. 
I received this ARC courtesy of Harper Collins UK, Avon, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book is expected to go on sale in July 4th 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moosed Up (Wild Men of Alaska #2) by Tiffinie Helmer

When Nurse Practitioner Eva Stuart finds her best friend in bed with her boyfriend she decides to start over as far away as she can get so she signs up to work at a clinic in a remote village in Alaska.  A city girl has a lot to learn in the wilds of Alaska and sexy Wildlife Refuge Officer Lynx Maiski is just the guy to teach her. 

This is a seriously funny romantic romp with a town full of quirky characters and a forest full of frightening ones.  I didn't realize this was a part of a series it stands on its own quite well but now I am going back to read the first one.

Kiss the Cook by Jacquie D'Alessandro

This light, funny, sweet contemporary romance is just the thing when you want to escape.  Filled with one hilarious calamity after another you only stop laughing long enough to sigh at the sweet romance.  Take an accident prone cook add in a sweet smoking hot accountant (now there is a phrase I never thought I’d write) mix well add a dash of an eccentric Nana and you get Kiss the Cook.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Marine in the Wind (Always a Marine #15) by Heather Long

Medically retired marine Greg Rainwater has left Mikes Place after multiple surgeries and intense physical therapy to rebuild his legs after they were crushed when his vehicle was destroyed in the desert.  He has come to Freewill, Wyoming to work with A.J. (The Marine Cowboy, Always a Marine #7) on his ranch and to start over.  He meets an old man who encourages him to “listen to the wind”. Working on the ranch, walking with the old man help Greg find a sense of peace. Meeting the old man’s granddaughter is anything but peaceful but might just be what he needs to find himself.

Another fantastic addition to this wonderful series.  All too often we forget that our young men and women come back from service changed from that service and not always for the better.  Ms. Long gives our returning heroes the gift of a HEA that makes you want to cheer even if it is only in a story.  Greg & Georgia scorch the page with one do over after another. 
I received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I'm not sure just how un-biased I can be as I love this series.  You really need to check it out.  If you like hunky Marines (in and out of uniform) and the smart, sassy partner that can bring them home and set the sheets on fire than you'll love this series as much as I do.