Friday, January 18, 2013

Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Series #1) by Emily Kimelman

Joy Humbolt has just dumped her boyfriend, lost her job and adopted a huge mutt named Blue.  As a new career choice Joy buys a dog walking route from a friend of a friend.  When she finds the body of one of her employers her life take a turn for the more interesting.  The cops say she should let it go but things about her employers’ murder just don’t add up.  She investigates at first out of curiosity but she continues out of righteous anger.  There is treasure, hidden passages and treasure.  Can Joy find the truth and will it be enough?

There is nothing like a good mystery and this is a good mystery and a great story.  Just when you think you know where the story leads you are surprised once again.  Highly recommended.  I am going to get the next in the series Death In The Dark as soon as I finish typing this.

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