Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Key by Lynsay Sands

Since finding the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands she has been on my auto-buy list.  I've yet to be disappointed.  Even her historicals are fantastic.

Iliana Wildwood was wedded to Duncan, laird of Dunbar Castle to save her from being used as hostage for her mother’s behavior when her mother was forced into marriage to the evil Baron Greenweld.  With Iliana safely away and married to the Scot her mother can apply to the king to have her marriage to the Baron annulled.  Iliana is happy to help till she discovers her new husband stinks. Literally. He bathes twice a year and it has become a bone of contention between them.  She’ll not bed him till he bathes and he’ll not bathe till July as per usual.  He is her husband and she will do her wifely duties.  Iliana has a secret weapon,  a belt of chastity, and he doesn't get the key until he bathes.  Who will bend first?

Oh my goodness what fun.  Tongue in cheek humor, a good mystery and a sexy (though odorous) man in a kilt. 

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