Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Branded For You, Roping your Heart, Fencing You In (Riding Tall) by Cheyenne McCray

 Sexy cowboy romantic suspense.

Branded For You – After a bad marriage Megan moves to Arizona to be near her family. Megan is a graphic designer and can pretty much work from anywhere and she wants to be anywhere her ex isn’t.  Her widowed sister Tess encourages Megan to start dating but it isn't easy. The crap she went through with her ex has done a number on her.  Then she meets sexy cowboy Ryan McBride.  The chemistry is there but can he be for real?  Meanwhile there are problems with the folks restaurant.  Someone wants them out and is willing to do pretty much anything to get their way. Can Ryan really be a part of that?  Did Megan once again give her heart to the wrong man?

Roping your Heart – Cat Hayden is returning home to take care of her aging grandmother. Cat a champion barrel racer left Prescott AZ and her best friend and first love Blake McBride to get away from an abusive home life and their associated memories.  In the intervening years Cat was horrifically injured by a horse and required several surgeries that left her scarred and insecure about her looks.  Both Cat and Blake have been married and divorced but their hearts never forgot.  Can they forgive the past and build a future?

Fencing You In – Tess (Megan’s widowed sister) hasn't dated since her husbands’ fatal car accident and she doesn't date playboy cowboys like Gage McBride.  But Gage doesn't give up when he see something he wants and he wants Tess.  Gage has been waiting for the right woman, and he’s sure Tess is the one. The problem is that she believes the reputation he has somehow earned after being betrayed by the one woman he ever loved. He’s not the “cowboy with a woman in every town” that Tess believes he is and he intends to prove it to her.  That is if he can keep her safe from the creepy ex-con Harvey Norton.

If you like sexy cowboy types with a heart as big as the whole outdoors you will enjoy the McBride boys.  

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