Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Prince's Gamble by Caridad Piñeiro

I've read several books by Caridad Piñeiro and she writes good cop.  The Prince's Gamble is no different.

Russian Prince Alexander Ivanov has a missing hostess from his casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  He has also discovered that someone may be using his casino to launder money.  His honor and his business are at risk.  The FBI in the person of Special Agent Kathleen Martinez is called in.  She doesn't trust the hot Russian as far as she can throw him. As they work together to find the hostess and whoever is laundering money they find that people aren't always as you imagine them to be and in their case they may just be for each other.

This wonderful romantic suspense story is a quick intense story.  The push pull of personalities and their responsibilities reflect a reality that is often missing from short romantic tales.   

I was also humbled by Caridad Piñeiro and her pledge of her share of the profit from the sale of this book to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

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