Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Destroy All Giant Monsters (The World Wide Witches Research Association) by D.L. Carter

What a delightfully fun read.  Humor runs rampant starting with the title and throughout this quirky tale. 

Amber Kemp has rebelled against both sides of her heritage - her father is a science teacher and her mother is a former witch – by becoming a computer dweeb.  But now her Aunt Lucinda DeGoode (the head of the World Wide Witches Research Association (and Pinochle club.)) has gone missing and it is up to Amber to embrace her witch side to find her.  She receives magical messages like “First Destroy All Giant Monsters” that don’t exactly inspire this almost untrained witch to do her best. 

I adore this story.  I’d like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read and review it.  I had to ask I mean the title alone reminds me of 50’s B movies.  The humor is often wry and tongue in cheek but always there.  Fans of Kevin Hearne and Kim Harrison will love this book.  I can hardly wait for the further adventures of…

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