Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Harmless Fantasy (Harmless #8) by Melissa Schroeder

Erotic romance – m/m/f

Disclaimer – I am a Melissa Schroeder fan girl and when offered the opportunity to review an ARC of A Little Harmless Fantasy I squeed and said yes please.  That being said I tried to step back and write a fair and honest review. 

I think this may be the very best thing I've read by this author.  When I received the ARC I was in the middle of reading another book.  I was good, I finished it and wrote my review, cooked and ate dinner and then sat down and read this book in one sitting.  I could not put it down. 

Maura Dillion is Conner’s baby sister and the light of his life. She is also a genius geek and all grown up although you wouldn't know it from the way he treats her.  Maura is frustrated as she hasn't been in a relationship since she and Zeke (Conner’s best friend and business partner and Maura’s co-worker) stopped seeing each other.  She still loves him but he can’t give her what she needs sexually and now he is back with his first love Rory.

Rory had a near death experience epiphany that made him realize he loved and needed Zeke in his life forever.  Rory realizes Zeke is still somewhat in love with Maura and his confidence is shaky, a new feeling for him.

Zeke should be happy.  Rory is back and says he is staying.  If he leaves again it will tear him up beyond repair.  He still loves Maura and has never felt as bad as he did when he realized he couldn’t be all that she needed. 

When Rory finds out why Zeke and Maura broke up he gets an awful wonderful idea.  Conner has them all going to Hawaii for a week to get them out of town while the FBI handles a case that Conner & Zeke's company helped them build against a cartel.  Maura needs a Dom and Rory is a Dom but only with women, Zeke likes to watch he knows this as they've shared before. Maybe they can have it all for a week and get it out of Zeke and Maura’s system and have a little fun in the process.  But when it actually happens he is surprised to find himself being drawn to Maura as well.  Can they take a fantasy and make it work for a lifetime?

Warning this book puts out more steam than a Hawaiian volcano.  In most ménage stories I have a problem with seeing how the personalities would mesh long term.  Not so here.  It is like they are the missing parts of each other.   I loved the characters in this story but was especially impressed with how strong Maura was.  If you want a truly smoking ménage read this book.  

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