Saturday, January 19, 2013

Death In The Dark (A Sydney Rye Series #2) by Emily Kimelman

This is the second story in Sydney Rye series. It is a novella length adventure that picks up right where the first book, Unleashed, left off.

Joy Humbolt and her dog Blue have fled to Mexico after the events in Unleashed.  She is drinking and hanging out on the beach and living off the profits of the treasure she and Mulberry liberated when Mulberry shows up and offers her a job and a new identity.  She will become Sydney Rye private eye.  She needs training and Mulberry knows just the guy to get her started.  Merl is and expert with dogs and he helps get Sydney sobered up and works on making her and Blue a working team.  But when Sydney’s landlords’ daughter gets killed Sydney’s temper takes hold and she is out for revenge.  But when she is caught in a trap will her and Blue’s new skills be enough to keep her alive?

This story felt transitional to me.  The story is good but the mystery isn't as good as the first.  But I've read the next book, Insatiable, and it makes up for it. 

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