Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer's Road by Kelly Moran

Sweet contemporary friends to lovers.
Blurb (copied from Goodreads):
After her father’s death, Summer Quinn realizes just how alone she feels in the world. With no family to fill her life now, she finds comfort among friends, but yearns for true love, contentment, and family. When her boyfriend, Matt, suggests they raise their relationship to a higher level, Summer jumps at the chance to get everything she’s always wanted. Only, she doesn't expect the heat arising between her and her best friend, Ian – a man who never seems to settle down. A man the complete opposite of what she’s looking for. But when her estranged mother reappears after twenty-eight years, Summer’s world completely flips upside down. As secrets from her family’s past and Ian’s true feelings for her emerge, Summer’s now faced with choices she’s not sure she can make. The rest of her life’s happiness hinges on her confronting a past she’d rather deny and legitimately opening her heart to love, even if it’s not where she expected to find it.

This is an incredible story.  At times sweet and shy and others gut-wrenching and painful.  I appreciated the way that we got the background information necessary to understand why Summer is the way she is.  The characters are so well written you feel as if you've known them their entire lives.  Ms. Moran takes no shortcuts and you are with Summer, Ian & Matt for the entire process. Break out the tissues and prepare to laugh and cry I know I did.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review and any time she wants to give me another I’ll not turn it down.  Now to go check out her backlist.

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