Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Harmless Ride (Harmless #9) by Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Australian cowboy in Hawaii.  How can you go wrong? 
Former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Elias St. John has lost the only family he has ever known American Joe Kaheaku.  When he got out of service he went to work for Joe on his ranch in Hawaii.  Now at the reading of the will he finds that Joe didn't leave him the ranch as promised, well not all of it anyway.  He will have to share it with Joe’s niece, Crysta, for six months before he can buy it from her.  Which comes as a surprise to everyone.  Eli isn't the only one who thought they would inherit the ranch.  Joe’s brother and nephew own a much smaller ranch bordering Joe’s.  They make it clear that they don’t approve of Joe’s will, Crysta or pretty much anything but how far are they willing to go to get the ranch?  Eli (the Delicious Dom) is knocked out by Crysta she is gorgeous, smart, and submissive but getting involved would be a mistake wouldn't it?

It was wonderful seeing the cocky, charismatic, cowboy Dom fall.  Eli has been one of my favorite secondary characters and I was tickled to see him finally get his lady.  Ms. Schroeder’s love for the islands comes through in all the books but I especially felt it in this story. 

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