Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sweet Patience by Melissa Schroeder

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Chance MacGuire has always had good luck. Great childhood, great career and hell, women are easy for him. Except for Patience Sawyer. The woman makes list maker. Hell, she makes lists of her lists. Chance likes to go with the flow and see where he ends up. He hates schedules. But when she proposes they open a bed and breakfast together, using her business savvy and his culinary skills, he jumps at the chance. Now, if he can just keep his hands off her, they'll be just fine.
Patience is sure she's lost her mind. Asking Chance to buy the Rosewood Plantation with her and open their B and B sounded like a great idea. Forget the fact that he doesn't like following her business plans. That she can handle. But after the hottest kiss she has ever had, keeping her mind on work and not on him, is hard. Although his laid back style should turn her off, she is immediately drawn to him. His easy going manner puts her at ease and they find themselves as perfect business partners.
But, when too much time spent alone together has their hormones in overdrive, and they can't resist each other, will they be able to forget their differences and find love?

My review:
Sweet Patience by Melissa Schroeder fits so much in a short space and doesn’t make me feel like I am being short changed.
First off I am a Cancer so I can relate to Chance. That being said I would be lost without my Sagittarius husband to take care of the mundane stuff. I found myself lost in this story laughing as I watched them stumble toward love. I adored the Sawyer brothers and their relationship with Patience.
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