Saturday, January 14, 2017

Forever Mated by Alma Black

A sexy businessman seeking a feisty female lion shifter. A shifter lioness who needs to mate and make cubs. He’s man enough to tame a shifter, but is he man enough to satisfy her? 

Kyra has always longed for a family of her own. But bad relationships, unrequited crushes, and insecurities have always stood in this lioness shifter's way--until now.

Zac, a rich and powerful entrepreneur has wanted the curvy and petite Kyra the moment from he laid eyes on her. It's his turn to prove that even though he's human, he's strong and virile--and he's exactly what this pretty kitty needs.

But with the threat of Power Shift growing, Zac uncovers dark secrets about his family. Now, he must choose between the father he thought he trusted, and the woman of his dreams. Can Zac mate Kyra and protect her, or will this alpha human lose everything in a violent uprising?

My review:
I really enjoyed this story. Kyra is a smart self-assured lioness shifter who can handle anything but her attraction to her human boss Zac. He is a tall hot man whore who has never had to work for a woman. Till now. Kyra is smart enough to know that there are things to consider when dealing with Zac. He is human she isn’t. He is older. He is really tall. She has a crappy record with men. He is sort of  her boss. She wants a forever kind of love and he is looking for a good time. But when he pushes it she gives in to his request for a date. Now she has to protect her heart and he has to protect her from the hate group Power Shift. And we get to watch all the fun.

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