Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ajax's Harpy Holiday (Dragonfin Clan Mated, #1) by Mychal Daniels

Dragofin Mated: Book 1

Hildegard (Hildy) Newton is a lot of things, patient and sweet isn’t one of them. They don’t fit into her life or career as a highly trained assassin. So, when a rude ridiculously gorgeous guy tries to take a pie from her at a grocery store, there’s no way she’s going to let him get away with it. Even if it is the Holiday Season. 

Not sure if she’s even human, the one thing Hildy wants, is to experience what it feels like to have a family and know the love of others. That’s not so easy when she has the ability to sprout wings and grow predator talons. Keeping it simple, Hildy wants one thing to help her experience her dream—a sweet potato pie. 

Ajax (Jax) Drake, the dragonling youngest brother of a guardian race of dragon shifters, is not ready for the warrior fight he’s up against when a woman refuses to let go of his holiday pie. Intrigue and attraction drive him to push her as far as he can. When fate brings them back together, Jax counts on his dragon-blood wisdom to follow his hunch about this alluring woman. 

Fun, fights, and a little frolicking ensue as these two find their Happy Harpy Holiday.

My review:
WOW! I expected a light hearted holiday romance. I got that and so much more. I love Hildegard (Hildy) Newton. She has overcome a lot in her short life and handled adversity with aplomb until the incident with the pie. Hildy doesn’t have a family and a sweet potato pie represents family Christmas to her so when the smoking hot Ajax (Jax) Drake tries to take away her pie she is going to defend it. There is so much going on in this short tale. Besides the romance we have a prophecy and a shadowy organization (Hildy’s former employer) and a bunch of dragon and gryphon shifters looking for mates. I love that a Harpy was the good guy for a change. I am hooked and anxiously awaiting the next book. I can’t wait to see where the author takes us next.

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