Monday, January 2, 2017

Make My World Spin (Men of Manifold 2) by S.A. Price

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but a photo of Canadys Herrera leaves Judas speechless.
After a failed attempt at a serious seduction in Savannah, Judas has the opportunity to rekindle a possible flame with the one girl that interests not only himself, but his hound side as well. The photos she starred in were a green light, and he's more than focused on making her his. Especially when he finds out she's the tour photographer for the summer tour Will It and Morbid Museum has set up.
Canadys Herrera sees the tour as the best way to make her name in the industry. Being the tour photographer, as well as the preferred photog for Morbid Museum, is a dream come true, and she's determined to prove their faith in her is well placed. She just can't let her interest in Judas get in the way.
When Judas reignites both their needs, it leads to a tour of kinky sex and unbridled passions...passions that culminate in Judas realizing Canadys is his Mate. But nothing is ever easy, and Canadys, for all her perfection, has horrible family members, family that would rather see her dead than happy.
And with threats to his Mate real, Judas is going to have to enlist the help of the one person he's avoided his whole life, his uncle. Because Cerberosi stick together, and when a Mate is in danger, the world will burn.

My review:
Smoking hot paranormal rock and roll romance at its finest. This book is NSFW or any public spaces. You are going to want to be somewhere quiet where you can enter the sexfest that is Canadys and Judas. The chemistry between these two is fun and scorching hot. I recommend reading at least Just What You Need (Men of Manifold 1) so you have an idea of who all these extra people are. I really got a kick out of Canadys. She is a strong, independent young woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Judas is a hot horn dawg who has met his mate and is better for it.

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