Sunday, January 15, 2017

Malcom (Alphas #1) by Jessica Cage

Alpha’s word is Law. That is the creed Malcom lived and breathed until the day his Alpha decided to only take everything from him. Stripped form him was the love of his life and the pack he was born into. Hunted down liked a rabid animal to be taken down he is deemed enemy of the people he once called family but he refuses to allow his former Alpha the joy of turning him into a killer of his own kind.
Vincent, his former Alpha, has lost all sense of reality. He only lives now to exact revenge on those he thinks have betrayed him and Malcom is at the top of that list. Once an advocate of saving their race he is now the one destroying it. He wants nothing more than Malcom’s head on a platter for as far as Vincent is concerned all of his troubles can be laid at Malcom’s feet.
After calling in a favor from an unlikely ally, Malcom is called upon to take down his former Alpha. Vincent is so far gone that he is now sending children out to be slaughtered. Will Malcom be able to bring himself to help a people who have turned their backs on him?

My review:
Malcom is the first book I’ve read by this author. I loved the story and the supporting characters. I was however torn in my feelings for the main character Malcom. Malcom has had/and lost the love of three terrific women. He has dealt with them with benign neglect. Yet he feels betrayed by his former Alpha, Vincent. When it comes time to take out Vincent will he step up to take his place? Will he do right by the women he’s hurt? Read the story and find out. I look forward to discovering more by this author.

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