Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Between the Marshal & the Vampire by Tricia Owens

One man wants to protect her. The other to taste her. Maybe they should share.
Expanded novel edition.
As the sole witness to a bank robbery, Mariel knows she has no choice but to rely on the protection of Marshal Clay as they travel by train to the courthouse. But before reaching their destination, the train is attacked by bandits intent on stopping her from testifying. When all seems lost, Mariel stumbles upon an unlikely salvation: a box in the cargo car carrying the vampire Vellum.
Vellum strikes a Devil's bargain with Mariel and Clay: submit willingly to his bite and he will dispatch the bandits. But once the deal is made, Mariel and Clay realize there's more to it than allowing the vampire to drink their blood. Vellum has the power to make his bite the most sensual experience of their lives, leading to a love triangle fraught with jealousy, mistrust, and searing desire.
This is a super sexy standalone featuring multiple pairings: m/f/m, m/m/f, m/f, m/m.

My review:
Between the Marshal & the Vampire by Tricia Owens is an erotic tale that takes place in a steampunk like environment. You have the Marshal, the widowed innkeeper who feels stifled by her future in a small town and a vampire bent on revenge. Most of the book is about them getting to know each other carnally as they travel. I found the interactions intriguing and erotic. Fans of Joey Hill’s Vampire Queen series might enjoy this. 

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