Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Force (Central Florida Pack Book 2) by Chudney Thomas

He wants her more than his next breath.
With rumors swirling and the pack in danger, James Olsen accompanies his Alpha pair to an Emergency pack circle called by the Council. To ensure the safety of his Alpha’s mate he’s forced to work with the Guard, the Council’s version of law enforcement.
James can’t deny the incendiary attraction to the beautiful but deadly she-wolf, Selena Burrows—a member of the Guard and a woman he’s forbidden to touch.
But he’s the last male she can have.
The last thing Selena wants to do is work with a potentially hostile pack. Tasked with keeping the Alpha female, Ria safe to avoid a civil war she becomes Ria’s shadow. Embedded in Central Florida Pack, Selena fights her attraction for the pack second while investigating the threats. Their one night stand turns into more—but permanence is the last thing Selena is permitted to have. If she doesn't walk away, she risks both their lives.

My review:
At long last we have the next book in the Central Florida Pack series. If you haven’t read Full Circle (Central Florida Pack Book 1) it will make understanding this book a bit harder at first but then this story takes on a life of its own. I love James. James is smart, alpha and a total hunk. He is honest with himself. He meets a redheaded Council Guard and can’t get her out of his head. Watching Selena grow and watching them grow together makes this a terrific story. There are issues left hanging like what is Selenas other half and other things I want to know and will hopefully find out in the next installment.

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