Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter Fairy Tale (Black Hills Wolves #60): Winter Solstice Run by TL Reeve

Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy. 

Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town she had no idea existed. What she does know, is her friend has been keeping secrets and the man who brought her there isn't talking either. Though she enjoys being in Los Lobos, she can't stand the lies, or falling for a man who isn't willing to trust her. But, with the Winter Solstice festivities approaching, she agrees to give both a chance. 

Fresh, local honey is their item. 

With no bee hives on pack lands, Sayer and Kizzy must work together to find their object. When a chance phone call, takes them out of town for their item, Sayer realizes his quirky little human is more than meets the eye. With the solstice upon them, he finds himself willing to move heaven and earth to make these festivities the best time of her life. 

And if he ends up mated to her? Well, there are worse things that could happen. 

My review:
I wanted to hate Sayer Blackcrow for his push me pull you ways with Kizzy and I wanted to hate her for putting up with it no matter how great the sex is but just as I was getting ready to give up Drew & Gee stepped in and things got really fun. Watching Sayer get his head out of his ass is a truly good read.

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