Monday, December 5, 2016

A Wolf's Bargain (Black Hills Wolves #59) by T.L. Reeve

Chris Banks, livestock vet and longtime friend of Kalum Truesdale, has a secret. Ever since he met the cute, shy, yet bratty Lily Truesdale, he’s wanted to claim her. As a Dom, he knows how to take his time, enjoy the chase, however Lily isn’t taking the bait. 

Lily Truesdale, is enamored with Chris Banks. The sexy cowboy with a gentle touch, does things to her no other wolf ever has. But, when his secret is spilled by one of the female wolves in the pack, she backs away, uncertain of the man. 

Taking a page out of Kalum’s book, Chris devices a plan to win Lily over. He knows she has a submissive streak buried beneath her bluster. Getting her to acknowledge it is the issue. So he offers her a deal. One night with him, no holds barred, to explore Dominance and submission. 

Lust combines with passion leading to an unforgettable evening of pleasure. One that unveils a deeper connection between them—which leads to one more question, will one night ever be enough? 

My review:
A Wolf's Bargain by T.L. Reeve brings back characters from Winter Magic, Omega's Heart and A Wolf's Contract but can be read stand alone. The author takes us on a ride that decries the insta love of the fated mate trope. Lily knows that Chris is her fated mate. But she also knows he visits a place called The Dungeon and is with other she wolves. Not going to happen to her. She doesn’t know much about The Dungeon but she knows she is a one wolf woman and will not fall for a hound dog wolf. Besides she has responsibilities. I loved this story. Yes Lily makes Chris work for it but the fates don’t put together folks that are wrong for each other. Break out a fan and some tissues as there is some sadness in amongst the heat.

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