Saturday, December 10, 2016

Making Christmas by Lizzie T. Leaf

The original release of Making Christmas won Love Romances Best Historical Book 2011 and the winner of the Aspen Gold 2012 for Best Novella. 

Callie Sue Marsh is determined to find her brother who went off to fight the Yankees after learning of their father’s death. Disguised as a boy she is constricted into the Confederate Army and wounded in a skirmish. 

The doctor treating her wounds learns the truth. But can she trust him to keep her secret? 
When a young boy is brought to the medical tent, Dr. Thomas Kent discovers his patient is a female. Her recovery and protection becomes important to him and he tells the officer in charge the lad needs to stay and assist him while he recovers from his wounds. 

Working with the doctor Callie discovers not all Yankees are bad. They miss their families, especially with Christmas around the corner. Determined to make the holiday a little brighter, she makes a plan. But part of her plan wasn’t to fall in love with Thomas Kent. 
Will they able to put the past behind them and create a life together after the war ends? 

My review:
A feel good Christmas tale without being overly sappy. Lizzie T. Leaf takes us back to the American Civil War and puts us in one of the darkest and most disturbing places and allows Christmas to bring in the light and love. Nothing earth shatteringly new about this story but I loved it just the same.

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