Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pit Perfect (Barkside of the Moon Mysteries Book 1) by Renee George

Pit Perfect, Book 1 of the Barkside of the Moon Mysteries from USA Today bestselling paranormal cozy mystery author Renee George, is an exciting tale of mystery and suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. Fall in love with Lily Mason, the shifter who only wants to live as a human, and her pit bull Smooshie, a rescue dog who in the end may be the one doing the rescuing!

When cougar-shifter Lily Mason moves to Moonrise, Missouri, she wishes for only three things from the town and its human population: 1) to find a job, 2) to find a place to live, and 3) to live as a human, not a therianthrope.

Lily gets more than she bargains for when a rescue pit bull named Smooshie rescues her from an oncoming car, and it’s love at first sight. Thanks to Smooshie, Lily’s first two wishes are granted by Parker Knowles, the owner of the Pit Bull Rescue center, who offers her a job at the shelter and the room over his garage for rent.

Lily’s new life as an integrator is threatened when Smooshie finds Katherine Kapersky, the local church choir leader and head of the town council, dead in the field behind the rescue center. Unfortunately, there are more suspects than mourners for the elderly town leader. Can Lily keep her less-than-human status under wraps? Or will the killer, who has pulled off a nearly Pit Perfect murder, expose her to keep Lily and her dog from digging up the truth?

This paranormal cozy mystery contains cougar-shifters, shifters, lovable pit bulls, and supernatural beings.

My review:
Pit Perfect is a fun paranormal cozy mystery filled with murder mystery and mayhem. Cougar-shifter Lily hasn’t had an easy life but she is starting over in a human town where the only other shifter is an uncle she has never met. Lily is plucky with a terrific sense of humor. When she gets to town she immediately discovers 2 things. The 4 way stop in front of the repair shop is deadly (Probably because the sign is broken) and she has been adopted by an adorable pit bull she names Smooshie. Smooshie introduces Lily to Parker Knowles owner of a pit bull rescue operation; the one Smooshie escaped from. When Parker is wrongfully accused of killing the meanest woman in town it is Lily and Smooshie on the case. This town is filled with memorable characters and a lot of secrets. Now that Lily is sticking around we may find out some of them but who knows Lily’s secret?

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