Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sassy Ever After: A Touch of Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Bianca D'Arc

What’s an Alpha to do when the woman of his dreams turns out to be not only human, but a nosey researcher to boot? Oh yeah, and she’s riled up the more backwards members of his new pack to the point that they’ve targeted her for death. He has to step in and save her, no matter how much he thinks he’d be better off without the warm bundle of complications in his arms. 

Maria has a thing for Sexy Shane, as she calls him in her mind. He’s the leader of the local wolf pack she’s been trying to study from afar. If she could just get hard evidence about some of their rituals and practices, her academic career would be made, but these wolves are elusive. 

When she overhears two of them talking about a ceremony in the woods, she sets up surveillance. She doesn’t realize it’s a trap until Sexy Shane tracks her down and proves to her that not only was she in danger, but that he’s just the big bad wolf to save her…and rock her world. 

It’s a rocky road to romance for Shane and Maria, though. Will his pack accept her or will he have to fight to the death to keep her? And can she adapt to life with the wild and wooly Clay Ridge pack? They’ll face danger and find love, trying to find out.

My review:
I love it when the female lead is kick ass and Professor Maria Rojas is alpha without being aware. She has caught the eye of the new alpha who doesn’t have time for the curvy Latina human. He is trying to get his pack of misfits to come together. But fate will not be denied and we get to go along for the ride. And a fun and sexy ride it is.

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