Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tales of the Djinn: The Angel by Emma Holly

What if an evil genie stole the life you were meant to live?

What if she’d done you a favor?

Is a dusty junk shop any place to hide the doppelganger of a djinn ruler’s murdered wife? Red-haired rebel Georgie can’t answer that. She thinks her life is perfect. She’s got an angel for a boyfriend, a library imp to teach her magic, and a mysterious wealthy guardian who funded a childhood most girls only dream about.

When sexy Sultan Iksander pops up in her world and claims this life isn’t hers, she tells him to screw himself. When he proves it—then asks her to help the endangered citizens of his home, she discovers she has a choice to make . . .

My review:
Tales of the Djinn: The Angel by Emma Holly is a sexy delight for the senses.  It helps if you’ve read Tales of the Djinn: The Guardian and Tales of the Djinn: The Double first but it isn’t totally necessary in order to enjoy this story. In this installment we find out what happens to Sultan Iksander when he comes to this dimension. A Djinn Sultan in America oh what a come down it is for him and to find a doppelganger of his dead wife he is in for some exciting times. Get ready for a sweet and sexy adventure told like only Emma Holly can.

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