Sunday, December 4, 2016

Salvaged Souls (Black Hills Wolves #58) by Deena Remiel

When a new woman comes to Los Lobos, looking for a fresh start and a helping hand, she turns dominant black wolf, Parker’s world upside down. Struck by her beauty and vulnerability, he’s immediately consumed by her voice. One with which he’s all too familiar. The seductive, tremulous voice of his red wolf, his dream lover who he’d give anything to rescue from a torturous life. His mind is slammed by the impossible implications, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he finds out who she really is. 

Shiloh has endured endless days and nights as a captured, forced mate of an alpha, chained to a cast iron stove, a vessel for all manner of unspeakable abuses. The only thing keeping her alive? Her black wolf, her mate, who comes every night in her dreams, soothing away the anguish, offering exquisite love and hope that one day an opportunity will come for her to break away. With her mate away on a trip, she just might have that chance. 

Shiloh and Parker are two bruised souls, salvaged from the wreckage of their tragic pasts, who find that love might finally set them free. 

My review:
I am really conflicted. These are some really great characters that had a wonderful story to share but I think that the story was rushed to make it short enough for this series. I really felt for Shiloh. She has been through abuse and come through the other side bent and broken. She needs time to heal and this story didn’t give it to her. I give Parker props for admitting he was wrong and going for help to try to fix it. Not a bad story just not as great as it could have been. Still worth the read.

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