Monday, December 12, 2016

The Virgin's Infiltrator (Black Hills Wolves #56) by Dominique Eastwick

Sometimes one infiltrator isn’t enough. When a long lost Tao pack member is located in Europe, D and 7 accept the challenge to rescue the missing wolf. But sometimes, it takes crossing thousands of miles to find what your soul most desires.

Natalia remembers nothing of her life before being enslaved in a traveling circus. When tall, dark and mysterious strangers show up to help her escape, she feels a connection she’s never experienced before. Should she trust her heart to follow them, or will it land her in another case of captivity.

Danger may be in the blood of infiltrators, but what will D do when his soul mate is the one threatened? And how will two twins, who have shared everything, deal with a female who comes between them?

My review:
100 pages of wolfy goodness but way too short. Natalia has been hell but retained her spirit by helping the other shifters stuck in hell with her. Mate or no I would have been a little more upset about being separated from my fellow captives even though they were being liberated. She didn’t hang on to her virginity by being stupid. Other than that The Virgin's Infiltrator is an enjoyable read.

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