Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bearly in Control (Shifter Undercover #1) by Milly Taiden

For vet and animal whisperer Charli Avers, talking to bears is all in a day’s work. But when she finds a man—a very sexy, very alpha man—where a bear ought to be, the wild comes close to home. Charli is drawn to this mysterious stranger. She wants to help him piece together the past he can’t remember—even if that means shedding her human misgivings and embracing her more carnal desires.

After shifting from bear to man, Barry believes he’s finally found his mate. Now he just needs to find himself. He doesn’t know much about the animal within him, but his human heart aches for Charli. She ignites his instincts to protect her from all danger—including their electric attraction.

The stakes climb as Charli investigates the mystery behind Barry’s memory loss and how it may relate to strange sightings and thefts in this little corner of Oregon. Without answers, she may lose Barry—and herself—to the wild side forever.

My review:
Laugh out loud funny! Bearly in Control is two stories in one. There is the super-hot love story between Bear shifter Barry and veterinarian and animal whisperer Charli. No problems here. These two click on every level. Then there is the mystery side. When I figure it out faster than the characters it is pretty bad. But I got a total kick out of the interplay between the characters especially Devlin and Russell.
Spoilerish alert!!
I have a lot of questions:
How did Barry end up a bear and who was he before?
What if anything did Marika discover?
Is Barry going to continue to go into fugue states?
Who was controlling the cat woman?
Why were the bad guys after Barry & Charli?
And so many more…

Even with these questions I enjoyed the book and am screaming for the next which hopefully will contain some of the answers.

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