Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silver Bella by Lucy Monroe

Silver Bella is a short holiday read only in that it takes place around the holidays.  Bella is a 26 year old specialty fashion model.  She models sleek sexy fashions for petite women.  Her world is shook when an ex tells the gossip rags that Bella is a frigid ice princess and not the smoldering sex kitten she appears to be on the runway.  The nasty headlines make Bella anxious when she takes the stage at the next show when across the crowed room she makes eye contact with a pair of green eyes.  Those eyes belong to Texas oilman Jake who is at the show with his shy author sister.  The chemistry between them is instant and powerful even to virginal Bella.  Jake feels it too.  He knows he wants more than just a night and goes about proving it to Bella.
I've yet to read anything by Lucy Monroe that I didn't like and Silver Bella is no different.  This is a terrific lunchtime read.

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