Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gimme Back My Clothes by Anna Hales Owen

Check your brain at the door, light romance.  Take a bored high society type working as a NY fireman for excitement who is under a death threat because he saw the face of a bank robber when he jumped him thus foiling the robbery.  Send him to hide out in Maine on an island populated by folks who look at life from a different angle.  Add in a smart young lady mayor and let the fun begin.  Jaro is sent incognito to work for the mayor of Dagger Township.  He looks like a dweeb which is a good thing because Mayor Roslyn has a bad record when it comes to men.  Can ladies man Jaro score even looking like a dweeb?  Is Roslyn’s loser streak about to end?  I enjoyed this quick escape.  There were some truly funny scenes.  If you are looking for scorching sex skip this one.

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