Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Les Miserables - the movie

I spent Christmas day with friends and family like most but what I really wanted to do was go see Les Miserables the movie.  I was indulged and we went.  Hugh Jackman was incredible, Ann Hathaway intense and Eddie Redmayne made me cry as Marius with Empty Chairs and Empty Tables.  A fantastic movie.  The weak link for me was Russell Crowe as I am not a big fan of his.  He surprised me as he didn't suck as bad as I thought he would but I think they could have used one of the actors that have played Javert on Broadway or the East End and it might have been better.  Perhaps they wouldn't have had the big star name but they could sing.  Even so GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  I'll admit I am a fan of musical theater and so would be expected to enjoy it but my husband who would rather have his teeth pulled than go to a musical enjoyed this movie as well.  Must have been all the guns.

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