Monday, December 31, 2012

An open letter of thanks to those that write

Dear Authors,
I’d like to thank the men and women who put words into stories that take me away.  I’ve been transported to faraway lands, times, and realities.  You've taken time from your lives to help others learn and escape.  You write through personal tragedy, life altering changes, through illness and unemployment and still you produce.  Many of you have day jobs where like most of us the pressures and hats you are asked to wear increase almost daily.  Like the rest of us you have families and obligations yet you find the time to sit down and write.  You look at the paper (or computer screen) and create worlds, lives and realities.  I envy you that skill and dedication.  Through social media, blogs, and authors web pages I’ve learned a little of what it takes to do what you do and I am astounded at the amount of effort that is put into making your words available. Self-publication is a double edged sword.  It has made more books available but the screening process is harder.  Apparently not everybody has access to a good editor.  One of the upsides of self-pubbing is that some of my new favorite authors are putting their backlist out in eBook form.  I just want you to know that there are readers like me out there that appreciate every hour of sleep you give up to give us our bit of mystery, romance, escape or whatever.   Thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment you bring to my life.  Please keep doing what you do so well and I will keep budgeting for more books.

Donna Antonio

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