Friday, December 14, 2012

Gone Country (Rough Riders #14) by Lorelei James

Another series I am crazy about.  This installment is different in a lot of ways.  Gavin is the first born of Vi & Charlie McKay but was given up for adoption and just reconnected with his birth family 2 years ago.  A 40 something divorced businessman with a teenage daughter he is not your typical Rough Rider alpha hero.  Rielle is a self-sufficient single mother who is now an empty nester.  When she sold her B&B to Gavin she stayed on as caretaker while Gavin lived in Arizona.  Even in books past you could tell there was an attraction between the two.  Now Gavin is moving into the former B&B with his daughter Sierra and Rielle isn’t prepared for the change or to deal with the reality of living with a man she is so attracted to.
This book is proof that love and lust don’t stop just because you are a parent.  There are several backstory lines going on that are probably (hopefully) setting up future books.  You can read this stand-alone but with a series this good go back and read them all.  I do often.

And don’t forget one of my favorite authors, Molly Harper, has a new book coming out on December 18th.  Look for My Bluegrass Baby.

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