Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get'n Hammered (BARCs #1) by Casey Holloway


Fun romp with dog shifters.  Thomas Hammer is a dog shifter who is kicked out of his pack and spelled into his dog form for a crime he didn’t commit. He is rescued by Desiree Duvall, a human who just may be his mate.  He has to watch the woman he loves go on about her life treating him like a dog.  Unfortunately for Thomas Getting spelled into his dog form isn’t the end of it as friends and compatriots of the dead man want him to die as well. Hammer battles members of his old pack out for revenge and tries to protect Desiree from harm. He also discovers a secret organization of shifters who protect the outside world from discovering their existence. Hammer breaks the spell, but still has to win the girl and save the day. 

I totally dug the whole dog shifter thing and I like erotica as much as the next girl (maybe more) but we could have lost one or two of the sex scenes from this book that didn't advance the story in any way and it would have been in my humble opinion a much better book.  And why is it that the only human in it acted like a bitch in heat? As it was I am still looking forward to future installments.  

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