Monday, December 10, 2012

Heart of Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon #8) by Alyssa Day

The long awaited finale to the Warriors of Poseidon series and Alaric’s story.  Alaric has spent his whole existence being strong physically, mentally and magically as high priest to Poseidon.  He has also been celibate.  When he met Quinn he knew she was his soul mate but resisted the attraction in favor of duty.  As for Quinn she has issues with her past and her duty as leader of the human resistance standing between her and her attraction to the stoic Alaric.    
I have enjoyed this series full of alpha men, sweet sassy women and all kinds of adventure and magic.  If there were two characters more deserving of love and each other I don’t know who they might be.  Non-stop action. Oh my goodness how the strong melt.  A book I will read and re-read.

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