Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Seal at Heart by Anne Elizabeth

Petty Officer John Roaker is a SEAL.  That’s all he is.  So when a mission goes bad, kills his best friend, injures him and his team, and takes his memory.  What is a guy to do?  The regular Navy shrinks aren't helping.  Enter physical therapist and psychoanalyst Laurie Smith.  The fact that she is smart and beautiful may be what gets hi interested but the fact that she gets results is what gets him to stay.  While recovering his old memories John and Laurie are making new ones.  Can Laurie handle loving a SEAL?  Can John handle the truth his memories are telling him about that awful mission?
As former Navy I love a good SEAL story.  This book had a realism about being involved with a sailor. (It isn't easy) I really liked the Laurie character.  Which is why I’m not sure why this book didn't rate higher for me.  Maybe it’s just where my head is at.  I’ll re-read at a later date to reevaluate.

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