Monday, September 10, 2012

The Arrangement by Lillith Payne

Sweet, sexy romance this story took me by surprise.  I expected the typical arranged marriage story and while the plot was semi predictable the characters were not.  Corey’s fathers gambling debts have put his fathers company into position for a hostile take-over and while Corey can’t stand her father she adores her grandfather.  Enter lifelong friend of the granddad.  He is willing to help out with the condition that Corey marry his only family his grandson Reese (who just happens to be the man who took her virginity).  The grandfathers have tried match making them before.  They apparently want great grandkids. 

Surprise 1 this story takes place post war 40’s.  Surprise 2 I could totally see Katherine Hepburn playing Corey.  I have a fan girl crush on Ms. Hepburn of epic proportions.  Surprise 3 Reese was not made out to be Mr. Perfect.  Totally recommend for when you don’t want to read something too heavy.

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