Sunday, September 16, 2012

Desire by Blood by Melissa Schroeder

Paranormal romance with a twist.  Cordelia is the disowned bastard daughter of a member the ton and a heretofore unknown “carrier”.  A carrier is a human woman genetically able to bear a “born” vampire and thus highly sought after. She is making her way by writing for a scandal sheet.  Her latest mission is to find out how Nicodemus Blackburn is making his money.  When they meet “born” vampire Nico is immediately taken with Cordelia and when caught in a compromising position Nico claims Cordelia in marriage to keep her from being ruined.  Meanwhile there is a born vampire out there that is making “made” vampires and not keeping control of them.  They are creating havoc and Nico and friends need to stop them.
This is a sexy vampire story that reads like a Victorian romance novel.  It works.  Melissa Schroeder is known for her erotic A Little Harmless series so the sex was a given to be hot.  Not as hot as her other stories but smoking just the same.  I just adore Cordelia and Nico’s mom.  Good strong women in an age where women were often ignored.  The story ended a little abruptly with questions still left unanswered but hopefully they will be answered in the next book Seduction by Blood. 

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