Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bird of Paradise by Katie MacAlister

This story first appeared in the Heat Wave anthology which I haven’t read.  Due to the wonderful new world of self-publishing Ms. MacAlister was able to release this story solo.  The very first Katie MacAlister book I ever read was The Corset Diaries.  I laughed till I cried and I still re-read it on occasion.  Bird of Paradise is a lot like The Corset Diaries and I loved it for the same reasons.

Oversized journalist named Hero is headed undercover to an island for a dating game show.  She hopes to get a story and revive her flagging career.  There she meets a man and his unusual cat.  Private investigator Adam is posing as radio sex-therapist Monday Marsh to keep an eye on one of the contestants for her stalker ex.  The chemistry is instantaneous but they will have to overcome Hero’s body issues and Adams job.

There are so many things wrong with this story and yet I still loved it.  Check your brain at the door and enjoy. 

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