Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Have Stakes, Will Travel by Faith Hunter

Four short stories in in the world of Jane Yellowrock.
In  WeSa and the Lumber King,  the Beast who lives inside Jane watches as her hunting grounds become prey and Jane watches as Beast gets even.  It took a minute for me to figure out that Beast was referring to Jane as WeSa or bobcat.  This story takes place in the early times.
In “Haints,” Jane and her best friend, witch Molly Trueblood, are hired to investigate mysterious paranormal phenomena—and the evil they find brings a new meaning to the words "haunted house."  This is told from Molly’s point of view.
Signatures of the Dead was previously published in Strange Brew and tells the story of the vampire massacre that made Jane Yellowrock a household name.
And in “Cajun with Fangs,” Jane makes a new friend who turns out to have old enemies, and finds herself drawn into a vicious blood feud, fueled by dark magic and ancient grudges.  It takes place shortly after Raven Cursed and before Death’s Rival.
I enjoy Jane Yellowrock and am glad to have any excuse to visit.  These quick reads are a fun adventure into the mind and world of Jane Yellowrock and her friends.

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