Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bones Are Forever (Temperance Brennan #15) by Kathy Reichs

Smart, often funny and always thought provoking this installment of the Temperance Brennan series doesn’t disappoint.
Tempe is back in Canada and is working the case.  Three infant bodies are found hidden in a prostitutes apartment but the mother is nowhere to be found.  Tempe’s on again/off again (currently off) Andrew Ryan is lead detective on the case.  This case takes them across Canada and into the Northwest Territories reuniting Tempe with an old fling RCMP sergeant Ollie Hasty.  Gold and diamonds, drugs and prostitution.  Motives abound.  But the dead speak to Tempe and the Mounties always get their man. 
While this often reads like a travel brochure the story is intriguing and I always learn something new.  This is a fantastic series and Bones Are Forever is a wonderful addition that I will re-read again and again and still pull something new.

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