Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Quick and the Undead by Kimberly Raye

Welcome to Tombstone, Texas, where anything is possible, even your wildest fantasy. Once a haven to outlaws, Tombstone is now a tourist town that gives travelers a taste of the old West. What visitors don’t realize, however, is that the super-hot cowboys, gunslingers, and lawmen walking the streets aren’t actors—they’re originals. These ancient vampires claimed Tombstone two centuries ago.

So step right up, folks, and book your trip today! The outlaws of Tombstone will be waiting . . .

Travel blogger Riley Davenport loves her job, travelling to the most exotic places in the world. Even better, it keeps her one step ahead of her stalking ex. The last thing she wants in her life is a strong alpha male. But that’s exactly what she gets when she comes face-to-face with Sheriff Boone Jarrett, a hero right out of her most erotic fantasies.

Boone isn’t just the law in Tombstone, Texas. He’s also an ancient vampire and the target of a crazed killer. He certainly doesn’t have time for romance. But a temporary fling? Now that he can handle.

Unfortunately, their first night together ends in disaster when Riley witnesses a murder. And to protect her, Boone forces her into hiding. Only her “captivity” ends up becoming the realization of her wildest, most carnal fantasies. Still, Riley’s not going to fall for him, at least that’s what she tells herself.

But as she gets to know him—the man and the vampire—she starts to wonder if she can hold out . . . 

My review:
If you are looking for light and fluffy vampires like Kimberly Raye‘s Dead End Dating series The Quick and the Undead is not for you.. There are strong alpha cowboy vampires and feisty modern day women but definitely no pink bats and fabulous wardrobe.  The Quick and the Undead appears to be the first in a new series.  It has possibilities but honestly this first book left me wanting and I’m not sure exactly why.  I will pick up the next installment in the hopes that my dissatisfaction had to do with world building rather than the story itself.  
I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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