Friday, December 26, 2014

Some Like it Secret (Going Royal #4) by Heather Long


His life is an open book.

The second Andraste son, Sebastian, has always been the “spare.” His secret affair began as a lucky accident yet lasted over five years. After his older brother’s marriage, the press speculates wildly about which Dagmar will be next. The paparazzi dogs his every step, making it harder and harder to spend time with Meredith. When she abruptly ends the relationship, his world seems to turn upside down.

She’s his dirty little secret.

The last place Meredith Blake expected to find herself was in the bed of a prince, but her tempestuous affair with Sebastian Dagmar feeds her need for passion. He's put off revealing their relationship and, understanding his need for privacy, she’s contented herself with being the object of his very real affection whenever they were together. Those times draw farther and farther apart and his royal life stampedes their romance. She wonders if she's just not good enough for him. Deciding enough is enough, Meredith ends their affair, tired of being his dirty little secret.

Enough is enough…

Sebastian wanted to protect Meredith from the media and security circus that came with the royal package, but he refuses to lose the love of his life. He'd do anything to keep her—even kidnap her to a private isle. Can he overcome her reluctance, evade the press, and protect her from assassins determined to end the Dagmar family once and for all? 

My review:

Some Like it Secret is a modern day fairy tale.     
Sebastian is the royal second son the spare to his brother being the heir.  With his father’s death he has become the heir until his brother has a child.  This brings a lot of responsibilities to his life thus limiting the time he can spend with the woman he loves.  For five years they have carried on their affair in secret.  Now Meredith is tired of being his dirty little secret and wants to end their relationship. 
Both of these characters deserve each other. Sebastian is autocratic and not used to explaining himself. Meredith is smart but has let him get away with it for five years.  I wanted to Gibbs smack both of them.  But even so it was fun watching them both catch up.

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