Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's A Vampire Christmas (Vampire Lords) by Lia Davis

The hunt for the past will set their future…

Alasdair Morgan, vampire lord of the south Atlantic region of the United States, and his mate, Gideon, are on the search for an ancient journal. The secrets the book holds within its leather binding can be used to destroy their race’s queen, Lilith. When they finally find the journal, they discover it has been sold to an antique store. However, a female with her own agenda has her sights set on possessing the book.

Some gifts come in twos…

Being a half-breed living among humans, Rhianna Howell knows the importance of secrecy all too well. When she discovers one of the lost vampire artifacts, she doesn’t waste time in collecting it before it falls into the wrong hands. But keeping the journal safe from evil will put her in the seductive path of two vampires who claim to be her mates.

The days and nights heat up this Christmas as she discovers a fiery passion she can’t deny or run from.

My review:
Ménage m/m/f
How much I like this book will really depend on where the next one takes us.  It's A Vampire Christmas really isn’t a Christmas story so much as a story that takes place at Christmas time.  It is the first (I hope) of a series.  This series has the chance to become epic.  There is a war coming between the Vampire Queen and her evil sister.  The Vampire Lords have to choose sides.  Oh and there are magical artifacts to be found. In It's A Vampire Christmas Alasdair and his mate Gideon not only find one of the artifact they find their third.  This is where my issues come in.  I want to know a whole lot more about Rhianna.  How did she come to be a foundling?  Is she a part of a prophecy? What exactly are her powers?  For that matter what powers does Alasdair have?  He is this really old vampire but we saw none of his gifts besides charming the pants off of Gideon and Rhianna?  So as much as I liked this, and I really did like this it left me wanting more and afraid that I am never going to get the answers.

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