Thursday, December 4, 2014

Falling or Flying (Invitation to Eden #20) by R.G. Alexander

Joely knows the island of Eden and its moods better than most. A pilot for its exclusive clientele and the eyes and ears of Eden’s reclusive Master, she’s finally found a place where she truly belongs. Though kink is as common as coconuts in Eden, she’s not about to risk her position—or her heart—by indulging her private fantasies with invited guests.

Austin Wright’s first invitation to the island was meant to mend his spirit after an accident that changed his life, but each time he’s returned, his desire for the pilot of his dreams has gone unfulfilled. Not this time. Austin’s carefully laid plan for learning her secrets and capturing her heart has already been set in motion. His friend Court’s arrival on Joely’s plane is unexpected…and so is everything that happens next.

Eden has a way of making plans—and routine flights—veer wildly off course, and when Joely and Austin find themselves marooned with the wicked Court and his good intentions, it’ll take a sexy shove, a leap of faith, and a little island magic to bring love home.

My review:
Pilot Joley Jones stepped on Eden at the same time as Theodosius Vardalos and we've met her in just about every book in this series so far.  Now it's time for her to get her fantasy whether she wants it or not.  She wants it she just doesn't think she should want it.  Life in Eden is good to Joley.  She is home there.  So what if she is on the outside looking in.  The Island seems to think Joley needs not one but two gorgeous men to make her fantasies come true.  And what the Island wants Joely gets in this fun sexy addition to Invitation to Eden.

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