Thursday, December 25, 2014

The lost art of letter writing.

The lost art of letter writing.

I recently won a contest in which the prize was a letter from the author.  I’ve been a fan of Emily Kimelmans’ Sydney Rye series since its inception and am just now reading Inviting Fire (Sydney Rye #6).  If you like action, adventure and mystery that comes at you from a very different angle you need to give this series a try. 
Back to the letter.  I can’t tell you the last time I got a personal letter via snail mail.  Email just doesn’t feel the same.   I am old enough to remember typewriters of the sort that Ms. Kimelman used to write her missive.  It took me back to the days when I would play on my Grandmothers Royal . My Grandmother was an executive secretary when most Grandmothers didn’t work. It amazed me how strong her fingers must have been to type as fast as she did.  I still remember the letters she would write to me on her typewriter while I was away at summer camp.  When I opened the letter today I had visions of letters by long ago authors at auction.  Who knows… it’s a fun fantasy.   
Inspired by the letter my husband dug out his dad’s old typewriter.  He remembers his Grandfather typing up menu’s for the Royal Palm Restaurant.  Printing out copies just doesn’t have the same romance.

All in all this was a fantastic trip down memory lane and I thank Ms. Kimelman for the ride and taking the time to write the letter.    

If you want to get to know this terrific author check out her

No sooner had I written this than I came across this blog post by another author I follow: 

The Lost Art of Letters by Victoria Vane (posted 12/23)

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